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It May a Lunatic They’re Looking For

Posted by Adam Graham on May 28, 2007

W. Lane Startin has a post up entitled “Crazy?” He writes:

Now, I understand some of you are concerned about my lack of experience and track record. More to the point, you’re tired of losing. Well, so am I. Perhaps that’s as good an indication as any that someone should try something different. The same old thing obviously isn’t terribly effective out there.

Given that Democrats haven’t won a gubenatorial election since 1990 when they had the legendary Cecil Andrus win the top job, they should be open to something different. Let’s be clear that the benches are kind of thin on both sides for Gubenatorial Candidates in the future. Given that we haven’t elected someone directly from the Legislature to the Governor’s mansion since 1970 when Andrus won his first term, there’s really a dearth of apparent GOP candidates for 2014 (though it’s still early, but with Startin startin’ his campaign 3 years before the election, I guess Republicans have to think about replacing Otter.)

Perhaps, Startin should make the 1980s Billy Joel song, “You May Be Right” his campaign theme song:

You may be right
I may be crazy
But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for

As for me, given the standard that Startin is setting for early campaigns, if I’m to seriously consider a run for Governor in 2014, I’ll have to start the exsploratory committee sometime after Thanksgiving, 2008. Otherwise, if I wait until 2010, then I won’ tbe able to run until 2018. Not that I’m announcing anything. After all, I’m not crazy.


2 Responses to “It May a Lunatic They’re Looking For”

  1. I see this as a win-win situation. If I actually pull this off the way I want it, I make history. If not, I go into a lower profile race with a lot more name ID (and hopefully cash) than I would otherwise. It may very well be that I find myself in a better position to run for Legislature here in District 24 in ’10 and put off a statewide run until ’14 or even ’18. You know what? Big deal. By 2018 I’ll be 45 and hopefully have a over a decade of high-profile experience and exposure behind me. Meanwhile, I have plenty of other non-political pursuits to keep me busy.

    So, 2014 may be a better fit for me after all. See you on the campaign trail. ;-)

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    So, 2014 may be a better fit for me after all. See you on the campaign trail. ;-)

    May the biggest man win. :)

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