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Dissing America

Posted by Adam Graham on May 29, 2007

The shameful treatment of Miss USA at the Miss Universe pageant was disrespectful to the United States. The Anti-US attitude given how much comes to Mexico from the US shows the problem with a nation that’s producing illegal immigrants with an entitlement mentality.

This is talked about on tonight’s Truth and Hope Report along with the following topics:

-Conservatives Selling Out
-The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Congress
-Double Standard on Violence
-Bush Takes Action on Dictators

-Who’s Afraid of the Creation Museum?

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Heading Right:

Choosy Social Cons Choose Rudy

Human Events:

Right-o-Meter: Cindy Sheehan Leaves Democratic Party and Anti-War Movement

Jack Murtha’s Friends

One News Now:

Immigration bill benefits illegal aliens, not U.S., Coburn says

Protestors Turn Out for Opening of Creation Museum

Save the GOP:

DeMint Fights Lonely Battle Against Pork

CNS News:

Snuf the Gunshop Owner, Priest Says

Live Blog:

Breaking News: Sanctions on Sudan for Darfur


Bush Concerned With Activist Arrest in Vietnam

Stop the ACLU:

Christian Teachings Banned, Wiccans Okay

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