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Doing the Job the Mainstream Media Should Do..

Posted by Adam Graham on May 29, 2007

Alan at Idablue hosted a Blog Q&A for Senate Candidate Larry LaRocco. I even tossed in a question about term limits after rejecting several snarky questions on issues like earmarks and the amount of money the Dems have taken from big oil while criticizing them. I was tring to be nice for some reason.

Of course, the live blog was lightly attended. Partially, it was with good reason. This is May, 18 months before the election. Really, it’s too early for this. But there’s another problem, the event depended on the liberal blogosphere, which while bigger than the conservative version is still pretty tiny.

Which brings me to a point. Why aren’t these type of events being held by the Idaho Statesman? Or a local news organization? We have the technology to do things like live chats. Sadly the Idaho media’s not on board. Though, to be fair national live chat sessions are on the wane for some reason or another. But if we had the media willing to do it, I think people would show up and we’d get a lot more interaction and a lot more challenging questions.

Julie might be taking it a tad far when she writes:

I really have to wonder whether Larry Craig would have the guts to subject himself to this sort of exchange.

I think Julie underestimates Senator Craig. He’s very good on his feet. I doubt it’s the lack of guts, but rather the lack of return. I don’t think this will pay off, but the Daily Kos live blog will.

Bottom line, we need this type of electronic townhall done by the media on a mass level (closer to the election.)


2 Responses to “Doing the Job the Mainstream Media Should Do..”

  1. Adam, thanks for noting this, and thanks for your question. It definitely is very early, but Larry believes it’s not too soon to start engaging the netroots (who are definitely paying attention). He gave substantive, thoughtful answers to 10 questions in an hour – not bad.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that this is something the mainstream media ought to do. In the meantime, we are happy to innovate.

    By the way, you and your readers may be interested to know that in his first term in Congress, LaRocco voted with President Bush the elder about 50% of the time. As his answers showed tonight, I think voters will find him to be independent minded and dedicated to finding solutions.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Already campaigning, well I’m sure that Republican X (the GOP Candidate to be named) will be better, but I can’t begin my detailed defense as of yet, so I’ll have to let your statement stand.

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