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Going Too Far

Posted by Adam Graham on May 29, 2007

Okay, I can kind of understand, Larry LaRocco announcing for Senate 18 months before the election. I can even get W. Lane Startin announcing his exploratory committee 3 1/2 years before an election, but for Pete’s sake, give me a break! This is too silly:

District 19 state rep Nicole LeFavour is kicking off her 2008 re-election fundraising efforts tomorrow – Wednesday, May 30 – with an evening of live music and art at Pengilly’s, 513 Main Street, Boise.

A State Representative holding a fundraiser 18 months before an election. You know what the dumb thing about this is? LeFavour was unoppossed in the most Democratic District in Idaho.

I’m concerned with what the Democrats are doing right now, because they seem to be moving the election earlier. I think last time in Ada County that caught us in the GOP a little flatfooted by campaigning out in May of ’06 through the election while a lot of GOP people waited until Labor Day to get started. That’s fair enough.

The Democrats seemed to have reached a conclusion: the earlier the better. I fear it’ll escalate, so we’ll guarantee ourselves nothing but careerism in the legislator and start shutting out regular folks as no one but a fool is going to spend 18 months campaigning vigorously for a job that pays less than $20,000 a year. Hopefully, there’s some natural point where this snaps back, a Laffer Curve of electoral politics that will at some point start punishing people for starting too early in Idaho.


4 Responses to “Going Too Far”

  1. While I agree political fundraising is inherently illogical, if one wants to win, one has to do it. In my case starting out with no name ID, no money and limiting myself to $100 per contributor per year leaves me with little choice but to start early. Sure, I could wait until 2009, but what good would that do anyone? In this environment, this is the only logical way for “regular folks” to run for office.

    I can’t speak for Nicole LeFavour or Larry LaRocco, but as far as I’m concerned every little bit helps. The only ways around it are (1) huge contributions from corporations, PACs ad such or (2) state-financed campaigns, both of which I find rather unsavory.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    I don’t begrudge you, but Nicole LeFavour ran unopposed in the most Democratic District in the State. There’s no reason for this.

    I’d say lift the caps on campaign contributions would fix the problem as well.

  3. Last time is last time. Who’s to say LeFavour won’t have a serious challenge in 2008? How many Republican legislators in Idaho fundraise yet have little to no opposition? Answer: quite a few.

    You could lift the caps, but from a candidate’s standpoint, would he or she be any less compromised by a enormous contribution whether it was from a private party, PAC or some other group? The Hobson’s Choice remains.

  4. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Look, if Nicole LeFavour has a serious challenge than so will Nancy Pelosi, that’s how liberal the North End is, and if you think Nicole LeFavour could lose her seat than you need to study up the North End.

    I don’t think we’re compromised by enormous contributions anymore than the current system compromises candidates. If we have full disclosure and know where the money’s coming from, I’m fine with people giving whatever.

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