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Never Try to Please a Liberal

Posted by Adam Graham on May 29, 2007

Consider this a free tip to the Dems. If Dennis Kucinich can’t do it, nobody can. The liberal blogosphere is in a huff because he accepted an invitation to a debate sponsored by the Black Caucus and Fox News. Mike Gravel and Joe Biden will also be there. Pam Spaulding opines:

Sorry Dennis, you just lost a ton of respect from me on this one. After Edwards, Obama and Clinton withdrew from the September Fox News debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, the long-shot 2008 presidential candidate has picked face time over principle.

Well, given that Pam has dedicated most of her blog to attacking GOP Candidates and Democratic Candidates she doesn’t like, I doubt Kucinich will miss it. Same thing goes for Gravel. Both candidates have been strongly pro-homosexual rights (Pam’s blog is a big lesbian blog) and have gone nowhere in the polls and gotten short shrift from the left blogosphere.

I also have to ask what principle Kucinich is compromising on it. Is it the great American principle, “Our opponents shouldn’t be allowed to have media outlets?” “Only left wing TV stations should host Democratic debates?” Are these great principles? Kucinich is fighting for ideas and you go where your opponents or the middle of America is and make your pursuasive arguments, you don’t whine, pull up the draw bridge, and only talk among your own.

Kucinich may be a bit nutty, but I have to give him props for ignoring left wing blogosphere komisars and going to the people.


2 Responses to “Never Try to Please a Liberal”

  1. Does Pam Spaulding represent anyone other than herself and possibly also John Edwards? Or more to the point, why would you assume she does?

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Pam is one of the biggest lesbian bloggers on the net. Huffington Post is also not happy with this either.

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