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All That’s Left Is The Name Calling

Posted by Adam Graham on May 30, 2007

On tonight’s podcast, we discuss the issues of the day, including immigration reform, the 2008 Presidential election, and more

First up is the disgraceful attacks by many Republicans, who have been engaging in name-calling to get their way, including Senator Lindsey Graham and Linda Chavez. For shame, it’s a game of trying to cast your opponents as bigots to get your way and will have drastic consequences. By the way, if only anti-Hispanic bigots oppose illegal immigration, does that make Robert Vasquez the anti-Hispanic Hispanic?

Meanwhile, another reason, sexual abusers love Planned Parenthood. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.)

We’ll also discuss a couple interesting concept pieces: Do We Need Public Schools? and What do we do with those who are exonerated by DNA? Also you know you’re doing a good job when liberals give you death wishes when you meet on the street. (Hat Tip: Club for Growth.)

The Majority Accountability Project tells us about a moment of honest by a Democratic Congressman.

Fred Thompson is running for President starting in July or is he? Michelle Malkin‘s post and Oval Office 2008’s headline sum up the sillyness over this whole situation as Thompson camapign/committee continues to generate news headlines over non-news non-announcements.

What’s wrong with Rudy Giuliani? Try a Libertarian and a pro-life conservative both debuting articles against him.

We talk about all these issues + our share of technical difficulties on the Truth and Hope Report. If this sounds like a show you’d like to listen to, click the link below or click to add us to your Itunes and I’ll bring you informative news and views right on your Ipod!

Click here to download. Click here to add my podcast to your I-tunes.

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