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A Different View of School Funding

Posted by Adam Graham on May 31, 2007

I like what the Idahoan had to say about school funding:

Idaho schools rank No. 2 in efficiency

He goes on to give a devestating resposne to the “throw more money at it” crowd writing:

The theory, then, is that the more money you spend on public schools, the better education kids will receive. That ignores the obvious, such as the fact that the cost of living and per-capita income is higher in New York than it is in Idaho. Therefore, the comparisons are meaningless. Of course, then there’s this: If spending more really equates into a better education, then why are New York test scores so much lower than Idaho’s? Why does Utah, which spends the least on public education, produce better results than almost every state in the nation?

Jana Jones, the former chief deputy superintendent of public instruction, was asked this question in a debate last year with Tom Luna, then the Republican nominee for superintendent. Jones answered, “Well, Utah’s the only state where that’s the case.” So, in other words, Utah spends less, but it’s results don’t matter because it’s only an anomaly not worth investigating.

Read the whole thing.


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