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Baseball Notes

Posted by Adam Graham on May 31, 2007

Good to see old time Rockie Walt Weiss will be representating the club at the Draft this year. I like Weiss as a person. It’ll be interesting to see how he does. He had a couple great managers (Lou Pinella in Oakland and Bobby Cox in Atlanta) and came up in an A’s Organization that brought up some fine talent. How will that translate on draft day? We’ll see. Though, it’ll probably be a decade before we know how good or poorly Weiss did.

Rarely is Barry Bonds accused of having much class, but his response to media attempts to bait him into controversies with his brother and Hank Aaron showed a degree of class:

Bonds’ youngest brother, Bobby Jr., recently made it known he’s upset that neither Selig nor Aaron plan to be present.

Asked yesterday about his brother’s comments, Barry Bonds said, “I love my brother.”

Then he added: “Bud is his own man – just as I’m my own man.”

And what about Aaron?

“I’ve never spoken personally to Hank Aaron, I’ve only heard from the media, so I really can’t answer that question at all,” Bonds said. “Hank Aaron has been in the game a long time, he’s well-respected by all of us, we all love him and admire him and I’ll leave it at that.”

Very good. Meanwhile Keith Olbermann stated on the Dan Patrick show that if Bonds/McGwire/Palmerio don’t get in, there’ll be one steroids user in: Pud Galvin, who used monkey testosterone.

Sorry to scandalize those who thought there was no “monkey business” going on in baseball prior to the 1990s, but each era had some time of cheating or unfair advantage on players of other eras. (hat tip: Baseball Crank.) The idea that after the fact we’re going to say that a player should be punished for “cheating” by doing something that wasn’t against baseball rules at the time is patently absurd.


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