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Jim Hansen Out of Touch

Posted by Adam Graham on May 31, 2007

Jim Hansen was resoundingly defeated in his bid for Congress in my district. Well, I don’t like Simpson, I’m proud to say I didn’t vote for Hansen, who today writes:

My friends in the Peace Coalition reminded us that Idaho’s congressmen have refused to acknowledge the biggest moral error of our generation and again voted to extend the threat to thousands more US service men and women, their families and our communities. Not to mention, of course, expanding the threat to thousands of families in the middle east and America’s moral standing in the world.

Of course, the fact is that should the US troops withdrawal immediately as Hansen, the loss of thousands upon thousands of Iraqis will commence immediately thereafter.

He then concludes:

I encourage you to participate in a gathering put together by the Idaho Peace Coalition to Respect Fallen Idaho Soldiers, Support Troop Withdrawal, and DEMAND Idaho’s Congressmen to take their heads out of the sand and end this occupation.

Emphais mine. It’s the same old story. Our troops are the occupiers, not liberators, and certainly not heroes. (If this is an occupation.) But given that the US has said they’ll leave should the Iraqis ask, this is the darnedst ocucpation I’ve ever seen.


2 Responses to “Jim Hansen Out of Touch”

  1. I just happened to be perusing the internet, and some how came across your website, and for lack of anything more enlightening to do, I decided this post required a response.

    You are correct. It is the darnedest occupation I have ever experienced, especially since President Bush, at the same time stating if the Iraqis ask us to leave, we will, he continues to hammer us with the belief that we have to stay in Iraq, because if we leave the terrorists will follow us back to the US.

    Very very confusing, made even more confusing by todays headlines (about the foiled plot to blow up JFK), the terrorists already appear to be here, and we haven’t even left Iraq yet.

    We ought to be spending less time worrying about the Iraqis, and spending more time worrying about the US, by spending more of our resources, securing our borders, and high profile targets.

    Just my 2 cents.

    BTW, you ought at least date stamp your posts. I have no idea how timely my response is. Hopefully you’re still there.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    The URL date stamps them, really. I think we can do two things at once. The administration has done a good job securing the homeland and forcing Al Qaeda to divert resources to Iraq. What they’ve not done a good job is rebuilding. That’s where the work is needed.

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