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Both Parties are In Trouble

Posted by Adam Graham on June 3, 2007

Democrats are unable to get even the most basic things done such as their 5-day workweek scheme or the whole thing about bi-partisan partnership instead of partisanship. Of course, the GOP isn’t doing much better. Republican Senators (clueless) as always are being picketed at home by their constituents over their support of the amnesty bill. No wonder, support for both parties has been tanking in the recent Rasmussen poll. Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is even looking into a run for the White House.

These are just a few of the issues we talked about on tonight’s Truth and Hope Report podcast.

Also, we briefly talk about John McCain’s fading campaign. McCain never had a whole lot to offer other than his gracious plan to help exalt himself. It’s gotten so bad, Dean Barnett’s running a pool to see when he gets out.

Meanwhile, CNN is pumping up Jim Wallis’ bid to become the liberal Christian’s Falwell by agree to sponsor their debate, as Martha West points out, they wouldn’t do this for Concerned Women for America. To be honest, I can’t remember any Conservative organization (and political parties don’t count)that’s ever co-sponsored a debate with media outlets, but in addition to Sojourner with CNN, there’s also Fox News and the Black Caucus and in 2000 Al Sharpton got to sponsor a debate in Harlem.

No doubt, most folks have heard of a lesbian suing E-harmony. E-harmony’s basic answer is that they’re service is designed to match straights based on compatibilities that create a good marriage, and they have no such expertise with gays. So I guess this woman’s insisting that the same thing is required for two Lesbians to match up as a man and a woman.

I also discuss another dumb lawsuit coming out of Montana.

Then we have a public school teacher who co-opted her classroom for political purposes.

Then we turn to marriage and family life and a study that shows: Surprise, staying married helps your kids economically. (Hat Tip: Instapundit.)

Then we get into some miscellaneous news. We pander-er-panda a little bit with a talk about a failed Panda reintroduction move that will no doubt be repated, despite long odds of another result. Also, a lot of folks are joining the ultra-rich. Then we talk about Scrappleface’s latest.

Finally, we turn from Saturday Night thoughts to Sunday morning with a conversation about a recent study (covered by World Magazine and Christianity Today) that show the need of parents and teens to committ to faithfulness to God and churches to preach it.

We talk about this and probably a little bit more on tonight’s Truth and Hope Report.

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One Response to “Both Parties are In Trouble”

  1. Hmmm… methinks your blogpost title has one too many words in it:

    Both Parties are In Trouble

    Both Parties ARE Trouble

    I think the two-party system would be a good thing, if we had two parties to choose from. As it is, all I can hope for is a two-party system with two other parties. Someday. Hopefully before the USA goes completely down the tubes.

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