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Larry Craig Presents Everybody’s Favorite Red Herring

Posted by Adam Graham on June 3, 2007

When I saw the headline of Senator Craig’s editorial, I groaned:

Sen. Larry Craig: Enforce our laws, but mass deportations are too disruptive

Senator Craig writes:

Mass deportation of all illegal immigrants is not a realistic or feasible solution. Proponents of this idea overlook the economic disruption, massive costs and potential violations of civil liberties (of citizen and immigrant alike) in law enforcement searching door-to-door for illegal immigrants, and shipping them around the globe.

So Senator Craig then with pleasure knocks down the straw man he set up. Look, everybody says the solution is not mass deportation. Immigration opponents favor attrition. We enforce the law and get tough, (beginning with tough employment enforcement) let in the some of the millions who’ve been waiting in line legally and many will go home.

The fact that “not everyone” can be deported is no argument for the amnesty backed by Senator Craig. It’s utterly phony and it shows by the disengeuous argument he has to use to support it.


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