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Daily Response: It’s Been a Long Time

Posted by Adam Graham on June 4, 2007

I started this blog doing a daily response, but gave up after 5 or 6 months of responding to Statesman letters to the editor. I’m going to go ahead and try it out to day and see what happens. From today’s Statesmen, a complaint about the Community College from Duane Martin:

What happened to the $200 million we were already overtaxed that was earmarked for schools? Isn’t the community college a school? Why didn’t they just use some of that money and then replace it later with the money made by the college?

I assume he’s referring to the Sales Tax increase that was tied to property tax reductions. That’s the difference between money for public schools and post-secondary education.

And why are the supporters of this thing allowed to send out unsolicited absentee ballots to potential supporters? Isn’t that illegal, or at least an abuse of the absentee ballot system? If they were going to abuse the system like that, they should have been forced to send absentee ballots to everyone, not just potential supporters.

Illegal, no. An abuse of the system. Maybe. Let’s be clear, I didn’t just receive one absentee ballot request (not an actual ballot. Thanks to the Bubblehead for the correction in the comments.), I’d to have gotten like four. I feared this whole thing would lead to a backlash. Still, they played by the rules we have in place. If you don’t like them, call your legislator. This doesn’t have much to do with the merits of the college though.

So now property owners get to pay for a community college most will never use while non-property owners, again, will not have to pay for anything.

A couple things. First, having gone to Community College in Kalispell, I’ll attest that many if not most students were either homeowners or their kids, and a fully developed college will offer classes for the whole community. As for non-property owners not paying anything, they’ll not pay anything directly, but they’ll see it in their rent. Remember rental property does not come with a home owner’s exemption and landlords all pass the taxes on to their tenants, so yes everyone will pay, some will just see it more directly.

Big corporations backed the building of the college, so why didn’t they privately fund it?

Great portions of it are being privately funded, as well as the state chipping in $5 million. The taxpayers of Ada and Canyon County are only playing a small portion.

The whole process has just been flat out wrong and unfair to the property owners of Ada and Canyon counties, and I really hope someone out there takes legal action to block this thing considering how the system was abused.

You can sue, but you’ve got no case. The people vote. Accept it, don’t be a sorehead.

Thomas John Caldwell writes:

The passing of HR 1592 on Tuesday, May 8, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and disabled people could be protected as well. The 1999 Hate Crimes Act slowed down the percent of crimes being committed, but it didn’t protect everybody. Society must accept the idea that we’re all individuals and our likes and dislikes vary. We live in a country founded on the basis of equality and freedom, but the government’s willingness to except different people under their rule is never-ceasing.

So society must accept we’re all individuals by passing a law that punishes crimes against different groups of people differently. Say what?

John Wynn writes:

It was disappointing to see that the Idaho Statesman won a lawsuit to be the only newspaper in Boise that can print legal notices in the future. In doing so, the court effectively eliminated competition in the marketplace for the publishing of legal notices.

Really, I think the Statesman’s the primary thing that’s read in this valley other than the Bible (where we can’t print legal notices.) If there’s any solace, those days are numbered with new technologies on the horizon the decline of newspapers in general.


2 Responses to “Daily Response: It’s Been a Long Time”

  1. I understood that the community college supporters were only sending out absentee ballot request forms, so the guy who wrote to the paper was completely wrong. Now I see your post where you seem to be confirming that the supporters sent you an actual ballot. Is this correct, or just a typo?

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    You are correct. My bad, thanks for the correction.

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