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Persecution Posts

Posted by Adam Graham on June 4, 2007

Some posts to read and pray about from Persecution Blog:

200 Million Christians Persecuted by Al Qaeda

Another Christian Sentenced to Death

Radical Hindu Becomes Pastor, Suffers Persecution:

INDIA – On May 6, 2007, former Hindu extremist, Pastor Pabitra Kata, was attacked and severely beaten by more than 35 Hindu radicals, while returning from a convert’s home.

According to The Voice of the Martyrs’ contacts in India, Pastor Pabitra, received Christ in 1999 and immediately began preaching the gospel. Under his ministry more than 15 people have received Christ and several others have been baptized. The attack happened after extremists repeatedly warned he would “face dire consequences” for being a Christian.

“He was beaten with thick sticks, kicked on his jaw and face and dragged on the road. He was screaming because of the pain and praying out loud, asking God to forgive the attackers. He was bleeding profusely from his jaw and ear, and was unable to see. In spite of his painful cries, the attackers continued striking him until the police arrived and stopped the beating,” VOM contacts said. Following the attack, it was discovered the extremists had planned to murder Pastor Pabitra then make a false report claiming he had died in an automobile accident.

Pray, for those faithful who suffer in other countries for Christianity today stands the mots persecuted of all the World’s religions.


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