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Fascinating Reading Round Up

Posted by Adam Graham on June 5, 2007

I’m having a build up good and interesting that I’ve read but don’t have much to say much about. So, it’s time for a round up:

  • I was uncertain of Scott Ott’s points system for members of Congress, but when it promised to send 93% of Congressmen home that sold me.
  • Despite whatever disagreements, I have with my younger brother, I have to be thankful that our differences don’t come anywhere close to those between Christopher Hitchers and his brother, Peter, who offers a critique of his brother’s book (“God Is Not Great”) (Hat Tip: Dawn Patrol.)
  • A Rhode Island Catholic Bishop compares Rudy Giuliani to Pontious Pilate:
  • Rudy’s preposterous position is compounded by the fact that he professes to be a Catholic. As Catholics, we are called, indeed required, to be pro-life, to cherish and protect human life as a precious gift of God from the moment of conception until the time of natural death.

    God bless Him. Were he an Evangelical, he’d be criticized for not being seeker-friendly. Sad to say.

  • This piece from the News Record in Greensboro, North Carolina showed me that while I was far kinder to Jerry Falwell than the liberals, I may have been a tad too dismissive of him. The author was a Liberty University alumni and records some of Falwell’s spot on wisdom:
  • 4. Tell people about the vision God has put on your heart, because this will motivate you to work toward it. Falwell believed that we should plan specifically, write our “game plan” down on paper, and show it to others. (He derived this from the Old Testament book of Habakkuk, chapter 2). Going public with one’s personal calling is an initial step in beginning to follow through on the mission.

    5. Leaders are ones who exchange all of the little options for the “one big dream.” Falwell had wanted to be an athlete. Then a journalist. He probably could have done either. But when he found the Lord, Christian service became the only option.

    6. Don’t be ashamed to promote your cause and yourself. When Falwell would begin to repeat the ministry’s history, students in chapel services might roll their eyes and sigh, “Oh no. Here we go again. The story of how all this started in the Donald Duck soft drink bottling factory…” But I used to carefully watch Falwell tell his story. He never told it boastfully. He didn’t mind asking you to buy into it, because after all, it was God who was driving it.

    Wow, I ought to put those on my wall, Lord knows I need to remember them. Hat Tip: World Magazine.

  • The winner of this year’s spelling bee? Another home-schooler! 2040: Home-Schoolers rule the world, mark my words.
  • College Graduates are turning to Community and Technical Colleges after not finding a good job with their degree. Apparently, English Degrees don’t bring the big bucks. Yet another good reason for us to have approved Western Idaho College in the Treasure Valley.
  • Half of Southern Bapitst pastors believe in the validity of “private prayer language.” (aka Speaking in Tongues in private prayer.) That’s nice, but there are only three relevant parties on this issue: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Governor Mike Beebe (D-Ar.) may be my new favorite Democrat Governor. Can’t remember the last one but Beebe has cut the grocery tax in half (take some notes, Governor Otter.) and now is speaking some common sense on a slavery apology.
  • “Race relations and the ability of people to get along is based upon deeds more than it is words and we’ll be judged by how we treat one another. That’s how we should be judged.”


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