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Amnesty Yes!

Posted by Adam Graham on June 10, 2007

No, not for illegal immigration, but for Baseball, Mark Kriegel writes:

The time has come for Commissioner Bud Selig to grant amnesty to the ballplayers who used performance enhancing drugs prior to the establishment of the Major League testing policy.

It’s the best, and perhaps at this point, only way for baseball to deal credibly with its long-running steroid scandal…

The home run records are tainted. They will remain tainted, asterisk or not, as there is no mathematical formula to factor out the influence of deca durabolin, stanozolol, or any of the BALCO balms. The crime has been committed. And it wasn’t just the players who got away with it, but the industry itself. There’s plenty of blame to be shared among the players, the owners, the media, the union and, of course, the commissioner who didn’t want to know anything until it was too late.

But Selig, unlike any other party in this scenario, is sworn to uphold the best interests of the game. He needs to get to the truth — or some reasonable approximation of the truth — and he needs a resolution.

Really, now, how much longer can this go on?…

There was no Major League Baseball rule against this (thus the difference with illegal immigration by the way) but there was a federal law against, and the statute of limitations has run out on most of it. What’s past has got to be buried and the idea that we’re going to punish players for something everybody knew was going on at the time time is absurd.


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