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Congress Ignoring Reality on Stem Cell Research

Posted by Adam Graham on June 10, 2007

Three separate studies show that we can obtain stem cells that have just as much potential as Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Despite the Science, Congress has gone ahead and approved funding for ESCR. Why? It’s about making abortion a virtue in our society.

That’s our top story on the Truth and Hope Report. We also talk about the success of charter schools and why public schools aren’t picking up best practices. It has something to do with not admitting they need help, and district schools definitely don’t want to admit they need to be more like charters.

Also, a recent story pointed out that 19th Century Anti-Catholic Bigotry is causing problems for the school choice movement? How do you give a voucher for parents to send their kids to religious schools if your State Constitution forbids funds to religious schools? We provide the answer tonight.

Also, we talk about Romney’s squishy answer on same sex marriage. There’s no need to be derogatory but with answers that are weak and swishy will not help conservatives obtain victory for traditional marriage. Hat Tip: Right-o-Meter

Jim Wallis has a realization: “politics alone can’t solve poverty.” Sadly, this shows how Liberal his theology really is that this is a revelation. Hat Tip: Evangelical Outpost

A Reuters story tells the truth that many liberals wish to avoid: We are a religious people and religion has a large say in politics because Church and State are not conjoined. The way some people make a huge deal out of a Christmas Tree or a Nativity Scene, or a Ten Commandments monument, you’d think that America was Sweden. ‘Fraid not.

Then we cover a story from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals as they tell the Boise Rescue Mission what they can do with their own building that they purchased from the city and that they just paid $44,000 for a sewer hook up on. The folks at Community House who managed to run the shelter into the ground have a chance to reclaim it, because under the leadership of the Boise Rescue mission, the shelter was actually doing some good in the community. Thank goodness, we have federal courts to stop that.

Also, a liberal feminist decries pornography and its effect on women. Is that really compatible with the sexual revolution? I don’t think so.

Tony Campolo calls fellow liberals on the carpet for their hypocrisy in condemning conservative churches for political statements while the same thing goes on in liberal churches. Hey, that’s great, but I’ll do you one better. How about the government doesn’t tell any church what they can say and do. I know the idea of letting people speak freely is revolutionary to the left. But it’s based on something I like to call…The First Amendment!

Finally, I discuss the most important news of our lifetime. Yep, Paris Hilton’s DUI and the related fiasco. I have a very different perspective than has been expressed thousands of times in other places. Imagine thinking about something in a different way. Wow, that’s even more revolutionary than the First Amendment.

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