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Bringing People Together By Calling Them Whiners

Posted by Adam Graham on June 11, 2007

That seems to be the novel approach of Utah Republican Christopher Cannon who attempted to do just that on Red State with an attack on border hawks. The simple truth of the matter, Congressman, is we don’t need you to do anything. It’s up to the administration to do its duty and enforce the law, Congress just needs to push.

We cover this and several other powerful stories on the Truth and Hope Report podcast:

Some conservatives in Virginia are leading the way for the rest of us with their challenge to Liberal Republican lawmakers. I don’t know whether they’ll succeed or not, but it’s important that they try and set the example. Liberal Republicans will not go away by becoming Independents, but only by Conservatives challenging them.

Meanwhile, 43rd State Bluen has a banner proclaiming not only their opposition to federal abstinence education, but to sexual abstinence in general, despite the harm that premarital sex does to teenagers according to science. The argument that some abstinence programs haven’t worked and therefore abstinence shouldn’t be taught leads me to question whether they would respond similarly to other areas of education, such as Driver’s ed.

Also, we discuss the link between abortion and premature birth as women who have abortions are twice as likely to give birth to pre-mature children who can have a wide variety of development problems, many of which can cost taxpayer money (Libertarians, are you listening?)

Meanwhile, guess how many adoption referrals Planned Parenthood included in its annual report? And guess who Planned Parenthood’s biggest source of funding is?

All this is and more is featured on tonight’s Truth and Hope Report.

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2 Responses to “Bringing People Together By Calling Them Whiners”

  1. “The argument that some abstinence programs haven’t worked and therefore abstinence shouldn’t be taught”

    Ask them if we should use the same logic for all the other forms of Sex Education, Condom dipersals and Abortions.

    They don’t seem to have worked either, we still have Unwed Mothers.

    SO discontinue them as well.

    Discontinue them first, they have

    “not worked” longer than the abstinence programs.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Good point!

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