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Further Proof We Need Members of the Senate Who Understand the Constitution

Posted by Adam Graham on June 11, 2007

Julie Fanselow writes that the Senate’s 53-38 vote on Cloture (7 shy of what was needed.) to bring up a vote of no confidence in Alberto Gonzales shows why we need more Democrats in Congress.

Actually that this utterly absurd measure got 53 votes shows why we need more constitutionalist in the Senate.

If we don’t like the performance of cabinet secretaries or other officials, the Constitution gives Congress the option of Impeachment. If Democrats really want Gonzalez gone, let them introduce articles of impeachment in the House, vote them out, and send them to the Senate. Why don’t they do this?

Because the case would be scoffed at by any serious Constitutional scholar worth their salt. So we decide to forget about the Constitution and borrow a process from the Europeans. Hey, if the French and Spanish Constitutions are good enough basis for US Law decision, why not the actions of their legislature? It’s entirely unconstitutional.

We have a careful system of checks and balances. If Congressional Democrats think Alberto Gonzalez should be removed, impeach him. If they can’t impeach him, they should shut their yaps and do their jobs.

Imagine passing a no confidence vote and Gonzalez staying in. Congress will have just decided to slam our top law enforcement in the kneecaps for partisan political gain. If you want to punish him, remove him, but don’t try and incapacitate our nation’s Attorney General.


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