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b2evolution’s Days are Numbered

Posted by Adam Graham on June 12, 2007

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I’m having a crummy day on visitors. Everybody’s complaining about the page load times. Well, to the helpful folks out there who suggest it’s my sidebar, let me say this, “It’s not my sidebar. It’s not my server.” It’s my blog software.

B2evolution is at the root of the problem. After nearly 3 years, I’ve reached a concuslion. The blog software bites. The Spam filters without a Capecha image are as pourous as our Southern Border. My wife and I have deleted thousands of spam trackbacks and I seriously doubt we’ve gotten them all. It may take years to find them. Many times I’ve regretted starting out with b2evo, but have held back on changing because of the hassle involved, but during the past few months working on the John Cox presidential campaign blog, I’ve seen first hand the benefits of Word Press. There are a lot of cool widgets and add-ons that can make a blog better and help search engine positioning. Spam Trackbacks and Comments come but they land in a moderation Queue. What do I have here?

I have a Capecha that’s cut spam down to nothing while also cutting my traffic from Open Trackback Parties down quite a bit. But receiving 1300 Spam Trackbacks a day isn’t really a serious alternative. Of course, if I were to go over to, they’d advise me to install the latest version of b2evo. That would be version 1.10.2, the sixth new version of b2evolution to come out this year! And 2.0 is in Development. I’ll add that it’s a huge hassle everytime I have to reinstall b2evolution, because I also have to reinstall my template and redo my customizations.

I spend 15-25 minutes a night sending Trackbacks to Linkfest Haven blogs using the Haloscan scanner because b2evolution’s trackback sender rarely ever works. If I want to trackback something from Mr. Cox’s Blog over, I copy over the Trackback URLs into the Trackback field and I hit Publish then move onto the next thing.

The preliminary day of doom for b2evolution is hereby set as June 28, 2007.


3 Responses to “b2evolution’s Days are Numbered”

  1. Hi Adam. You *should* be able to migrate fairly seamlessly from b2evolution to WordPress…

  2. Marco [Visitor] said

    Actually, since you are running 1.9, you could just turn on comment moderation and have it work exactly as WP.

    The real spam filtering problem is with trackbacks, not comments. But you seem to like trackback a lot, so I won’t suggest you turn tb off…

  3. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Well, I’m not getting as much spam as I used to. It’s more a matter of the spam I have before I got 1.9 that became so overwhelmingly. More like a long rant of what’s happened with b2evo over the years rather than every current problem. Right now my problems are 1)b2evo seems to fail quite a bit, 2) It is far inferior to WordPress in terms of available add on, plug ins, skins, etc, etc, etc.

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