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God Bless the RSC

Posted by Adam Graham on June 12, 2007

The Republican Study Committee is fighting Democratic Pork with a slew of Amendments to the pork-laden (is there any other kind of bill in this congress?) Homeland Security Bill. Amendments include:

32) Prohibit FEMA funding for dance classes. (up to 4 times)

33) Prohibit FEMA funding for puppet shows. (up to 4 times)

34) Prohibit FEMA funding for bingo games. (up to 4 times)

35) Prohibit FEMA funding for yoga classes. (up to 4 times)

36) Prohibit FEMA funding for art classes. (up to 4 times)

37) Prohibit FEMA funding for theater workshops. (up to 4 times)

38) Prohibit DHS funding for the office of Multimedia

39) Prohibit DHS funding for purchasing Louis Vuitton handbags

40) Prohibit DHS funding to pay parking tickets

41) Prohibit DHS funding to purchase jewelry

42) Prohibit DHS funding to pay bail bonds

43) Prohibit DHS funding to send more than 50 employees to conferences outside the U.S.

44) Prohibit DHS funding to pay for adult entertainment

Yes, folks there are sane poeple in Washington.


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