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Larry LaRocco: Right Out of The Baucus Playbook

Posted by Adam Graham on June 12, 2007

Julie Fanselow points out Larry LaRocco working six hours with Orefino Sanitation. I say *yawn.* Having come from Montana, I’ve seen this before, it’s rip off of Max Baucus tried and true campaign tactic. Working a day at someone’s jobs doesn’t mean you understand them, share their values, or any such thing. It means that you’re doing your political thing. If he goes to Washington, Mr. LaRocco will far outearn the Sanitation workers he slowed down. Hopefully, Idaho’s smart enough not to fall for it.


2 Responses to “Larry LaRocco: Right Out of The Baucus Playbook”

  1. When did Baucus do it? This is actually something LaRocco did in his first campaign for Congress back in ’82, when he worked a WEEK at each of 22 different jobs. He lost that year but ran again in 1990 and won.

    Iadho voters have “fallen” for a load of garbage from its politicians in recent years. Maybe a few are ready to try something other than unresponsive one-party government for a change.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Baucus has been doing this since the ’70s.

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