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Three Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Posted by Adam Graham on June 15, 2007

Finding gifts has always come fairly natural to me. I don’t know how impressed the recipients have been, but I can always come up with something, and anyone I get a gift understands, “It’s the thought that count.”

However, I’ve gathered from some of my co-workers that when it comes to finding a father’s day gift, you might as well ask them to go shop for Batman. Some people are honestly lost, so I’ll share some ideas:

1) DVD Box Set

Always nice. Find a TV show your dad likes and by him the box set. Particularly, if he watches reruns a lot. With the box set he can watch the reruns without commercials which saves him time and means no channel surfing, which will save him from anxiety from the female set.

2) Gift Certificate

It’s pretty simple. Find a store your dad likes or would like. (If he’s into tools, for example, Home Depot would be a good pick.) If you wish your dad to visit you and you live far away, buy a gift certificate to a store that can only be redeemed in your area. He’ll appreciate the manipulation and nagging or maybe not. Regardless, stick it in a lovely (or hilarious) Father’s Day Card and off you go. (the lovely Andrea edited this in case you couldn’t tell)

3) Donation

If your dad truly has everything, why not give a donation in his name to a cause he’d appreciate?

The Gideons have a great memorial Bible program, but there are others. Show him that he raised you right and that’ll be the best gift of all.

Hey, Dads out there, what would you like for Father’s day? Anyone have any other suggestions for the millions of Father’s Day procrastinators out there?

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