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96% Right

Posted by Adam Graham on June 18, 2007

Michael Barone calls for Primary Reform:

Is there an alternative? My favorite is the Delaware Plan, which came close to being endorsed by the 2000 Republican National Convention. It has four rounds of primaries or caucuses, with the 12 smallest states voting in March, followed by the 13 next largest in April, the next 13 in May and ending with the final 12 largest states voting in June. This would leave plenty of room for retail politics, with candidates able to pick the states where they might run best. Voters in later states would be able to judge how candidates run the gauntlet.

The nominations could not be clinched until June, since the 12 largest states have 60 percent of the nation’s population. The parties could endorse this system at their national conventions. Or if there was bipartisan support, Congress could impose it as federal law

I agree, except I’d keep Iowa and New Hampshire first. Still to be 96% backed up by Michael Barone counts for something.


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