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A Sadly Avoidable Accident

Posted by Adam Graham on June 18, 2007

FromChannel 2 news:

LEWISTON, Idaho (AP) _ A teen driver was apparently using a cell phone to send electronic text messages when she lost control of her vehicle last week on Idaho’s U-S Highway 95 near Genessee.

One passenger remains in a Lewiston hospital in serious condition after rupturing her spleen.

Texting while driving? I’m not a cell phone guy at all (I’ve got one, but rarely does it make it in the car to even ring.) But Texting while driving? Wow!

In neighboring Washington state, lawmakers have passed a measure to make it illegal to use a cell phone or tap out a text message while driving.

Salt Lake City municipal employees are barred from texting or using hand-held phones while driving on public business.

Idaho hasn’t favored similar prohibitions.

Do they have laws barring applying your makeup or shaving? It seems there’s little to be done when common sense goes out of vogue. Would she have been safer, emailing from a laptop?


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