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Apparently, I’m the Issue

Posted by Adam Graham on June 20, 2007

Well, it only took three days for Julie Fanselow to fire back on the whole Dan Popkey-Larry Grant story in which Popkey suggests Grant lost because he didn’t listen and was too stubborn too liberal.

Julie writes:

I wasn’t at all surprised to see Bill Sali apologist Adam Graham (pictured here, from left, with Sali, Larry Craig, and Norm Semanko) pounce with a lengthy diatribe hours after Popkey’s piece appeared. Absurdly calling Popkey’s work “the real story of the Grant campaign” – even though Popkey interviewed few if any of us on the staff and named none of his Democratic sources – Graham could hardly contain his glee in dancing on what he is sure will be Grant’s political grave

I was curious why she saw the need to post the picture. I’ve not been hiding my support for Sali. I guess the picture just makes people happy. Who knows?

Popkey claimed to have sources, Dan Popkey at times may be wrong and a bit of gossip, but a liar? I doubt it. He spoke to some folks “close to Grant” according to the article. Given that what happened when Grant spoke to General Contractors (key points in the story), spoke to the DCCC (key point in the story) doesn’t require campaign worker validation.

As for dancing on Grant’s political grave? Hardly. I enjoyed the vindication primarily. I’ve spent the past year or so being told that up is down and down is up and that I’m just a radical right winger who has no clue. I’ve been fighting 12:1 odds and to at last have it exposed, “This is the real Larry Grant,” was what I enjoyed. I doubt Grant’s totally dead, but it is bringing a healthy dose of division to the Democrat party. Grant will have to spend hundreds of thousands in the primary, Lewis will have to explain why Grant doesn’t deserve a 2nd chance. If Lewis starts to gain or even become a leader, Grant will have to go after him. The result a divided Democratic Party that’ll beat up its nominee before the Fall, while Sali will probably sail to re-nominatio without serious opposition.

We’re Idaho Democrats; we’re not organized enough to anoint anyone, and even if we were, Popkey hardly does our bidding.

Yeah, that’s why Popkey knew about the Republicans for Grant website in advance and wrote an article about it timed to coincide with Dick Cheney’s visit.

I will give Julie that, given the sorry state of the Democratic Party in our state, it’s hard to believe they could organize much else than a 3-on-3 basketball game, but even that’s a stretch. However, I doubt it’s all Idaho Democrats, just quite a few.

Despite all this late quarterbacking, the fact is Larry Grant isn’t the issue. Bill Sali is, and he got less than 50% at the polls last November (and 26% in the primary). The majority of 1st District voters didn’t want him, and many who chose him were simply picking the “R” guy as usual, perhaps because they were too busy or too distracted to research the candidates.

49.94% with 1.06% to the Constitution Party Candidate. Come on, give me a break. You had the media repeating every Bill Sali story, ripped out of context time and time again. And what do they have to make things different? “Out of the Mainstream” votes on bills that Idahoans couldn’t care less about. Bill Sali will be in Congress a long time.


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