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What is a Blogger?

Posted by Adam Graham on June 22, 2007

This question created embarassing confusion for the Obama campaign, and doubtlessly will for several others. We discuss it on this morning’s podcast. (Hat Tip: Instapundit.)

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One Response to “What is a Blogger?”

  1. Great podcast. I’m Jerid from the incident. It really is a nuanced topic – obviously I think just if someone considers themself a “blogger” or whatever, they shouldn’t lose their regular privileges. But as you showed, by no means is it a clear cut topic.

    Also, I’ve got to give the campaign credit. They’ve been very open with a lot of things – just not this one event. One reason I heard that this event was closed was because they wanted people to be comfortable talking about their faith. Now I had questions re: that, but fair enough.


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