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The Gospel According to Barack

Posted by Adam Graham on June 24, 2007

Truth and Hope Report Show Notes

Obama’s out preaching the gospel according to Barack at the United Church of Christ Convention. This is an attempt to dupe religious voters. Sadly, I think many will fall for it.

Some immigration advocates were caught trying to scam the American people with fake boxes of letters. (Hat Tip: Wizbang) Again, be on guard because politicians are professional sneaks.

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) has an earmarks controversy. $129,000 isn’t that much when it comes to the government, but when it’s not a proper use of government, it shows that sadly many conservatives really don’t have a firm understanding of what government’s role ought to be.

John McCain is found to have the most lobbyists on staff of any presidential candidate, and of course he’s the one who howls the loudest about lobbyist influence. Again, watch their actions, not their words.

Meanwhile, members Congress try to dodge the Examiner on whether they’ll make their earmarks public. So they’re being secretive about whether they’ll release their secret appropriations of taxpayer funds? It’s clear we need real change in Washington and we’re not getting it from most of the guys up there. (Hat Tip: Instapundit)

Meanwhile in Michigan, taxpayers are preparing to revolt against the tax and spend legislature, with recall efforts against 15% of the members. Aw, a good way to remind them who’s the boss. (Hat Tip: Club for Growth.)

Also, a Nigerian born professor studied a failing upper middle class school district to find out why students weren’t succeeding. His shocking discovery: the attitudes of students and parents are to blame. Comparisons to Clarence Thomas ensued as some parents would rather not accept the responsibility. (Hat Tip: World Magazine.)

Other stories:

-A New York City Councilman fights for equitable treatment of Christian Christmas displays.

-A Darwinist urges teaching intelligent design.
-Congratulations to Sammy Sosa
-The classlessness of Cecil Fielder

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5 Responses to “The Gospel According to Barack”

  1. So I notice Congressman Sali is among those who didn’t respond to the request to list their earmarks:
    So was his staff just incompetent, or does he just talk the talk and not walk the walk?

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Bill Sali does walk the walk. Look at his voting record. His staff is new and unfortunately, this wasn’t reported as was the case with the vast majority of Congress. Had the Majority actually done its job, this would be a moot point. I would hope the Congressman would produce these at some point.

  3. His staff is actually pretty experienced — they seem to be D.C. professionals, and not Idahoans. My guess is he’s planning on asking for earmarks like everyone else, but he doesn’t want to be embarrassed when not many of them come through because he has so little actual power in Congress. I’d write him to ask, like you suggested earlier, but he doesn’t respond to me. Maybe you could ask him.

  4. I went ahead and E-mailed the Congressman to find out what he had to hide; I found out that he now only accepts E-mails from people in the 1st District, so you wouldn’t be able to send him one anyway. (Interestingly, I note that your Congressman doesn’t restrict is incoming communications; I wonder why Rep. Sali felt the need to do so?)

    I’ll let you know what I hear from him — if anything.

  5. Gary Aknos [Visitor] said

    Violation of church and state?

    Check out full coverage of this at

    And send an email to Americans United for the Separation of Church and State ( demanding that the UCC lose it’s 501(3(c) tax exempt status because:

    From the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State perspective, a political speaker at a religious event has one of two distinct roles: Either they are 1) speaking as a candidate for office or 2) speaking as a non-candidate. If Obama was speaking as a non-candidate (since he was supposedly invited over a year ago before he declared) then his reference to campaign pledges if elected to office clearly violates AU’s standard for separation. If he was speaking as a candidate, AU’s standards call for equal access by the other candidates for the same office… which didn’t appear to happen. In either case, his speeches before the Iowa Conference and the General Synod were a violation of separation by AU’s own standards.

    From the UCC perspective, there should be no confusion as they publicly advocate for the same rules on separation as AU. Furthermore, UCC leaders and conference ministers understood Obama’s status as a declared candidate for some time and, by virtue of their reporting on the Iowa speech a week earlier, also understood that Obama’s address would be a campaign speech. The UCC clearly and knowingly violated AU’s standard for separation.

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