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Protesting Gonzalez And Other Fun Things to Do When You Lose Elections

Posted by Adam Graham on June 25, 2007

There are many negative things you can say about my prototypical big spending congressman. He’s got one good thing going for him, he’s not Jim Hansen who is leading a protest against our Attorney General. Hansen writes:

It appears this visit is designed to show that people in communities like Boise, Idaho support Gonzalez and Bush’s policies. They have kept the visit quiet as long as they could to ensure a bare minimum of publicity. They need to take pretty pictures back to DC to show that America really does support Gonzalez, even though millions of people are calling for his resignation or impeachment and for a repudiation of the Bush administration’s torture and domestic surveillance policies.

Jim, this is the 21st Century and whether you or your buddies would care to admit it, we are at war. You don’t telegraph where you’re going. The Attorney General has a press availability, and a visit to US Attorneys and an anti-drug task force. There’s not going to be a parade in his honor, just business.

Of course, a big deal is being made of Governor Otter not meeting with the Attorney General:

It is interesting to note that Gonzalez is not even meeting with our Governor. That is probably because when he was a Congressman, Otter was one of the strongest opponents of the deceptively-named “USA PATRIOT ACT”, an act that President Bush and his AG are using to undermine over 100 years of protected civil rights in this country.

This is most likely because there’s nothing the two need to discuss and the Governor’s schedule is full. If they needed to meet, they would. Even if you disagree with someone in another department, if you’re elected to office, you cooperate for the good of the country. It’s part of mature leadership.

Hat tip: 43rd State Blues


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