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The Day of the Court

Posted by Adam Graham on June 25, 2007

Truth and Hope Report Show Notes

The Supreme Court is reaffirming things we should already kow. For example, freedom of speech means you can run TV ads that mention a candidate for office as part of a grassroots lobbying campaign

The court ruled that contrary to what the Freedom From Religion Foundation thinks, being a group of anti-Christian cumudgeons doesn’t give them standing to sue over the faith based iniatative.

The high court also declared Bong Hits for Jesus isn’t about freedom of speech or religion, but rather a teenage kid behaving badly.

Meanwhile, a lawyer that tried to take a Korean launderer to the cleaners over what became known as the pants suit got his justice deserts from a DC district court. Hat Tip: Wizbang Blog.

Of course the Constitution is still very fragile (as evidenced by the fact that the intepretatio of basic rights is up for grabs in federal court. One example, a Florida law which has police arresting the Gideons for distributing Bibles on a public sidewalk.

The bill that wouldn’t die (aka. The Amnesty Bill) is coming back to the Senate despite widespread public opposition. Liberal columnist Bonnie Erbe is predicting defeat for the bill. I say, “Let’s put the nail in the coffin.”

Finally, we take a look at how abortion hurts the Democrats and why Republicans would be fools to nomination Giuliani according to a recent New York Times piece. (hat tip: Jill Stanek)

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