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The Friends of Larry Grant

Posted by Adam Graham on June 27, 2007

One argument in the Idaho Statesman regarding the late campaign of Larry Grant that I had to respond to came regarding campaign funding. First, George Moses wrote in the letters to the editor:

For the record: Larry Grant took on a race when no one else would. He fought it with limited money.

Mr. Moses is wrong on the first point (Larry Grant had a primary opponent by the name of Cecil Kelly.)  but let’s move on from that. How underfunded was Larry Grant? He spent $687,000, a pretty chunk of change, not as much as Sali, but hardly an obscenely low amount. Where did this money come from? Many sources the Democrats would not like you to know about including arch liberal Congressmen Barney Frank and Charlie Rangel, and far left talker Al Franken.

It’s the liberal Dems biggest secret, but Grant received plenty of out of state cash, mostly from unions, but also the sugar industry and some other business interests. Read until the end and I’ll be happy to introduce some very interesting supporters of Larry Grant. You can read the list of committees here.

Grant received $92,500 from Labor Unions (which might explain this behavior.)

Immediately after Sali’s bruising primary, Grant had a great chance to establish himself as a moderate, business-friendly alternative. He had two meetings with the Associated General Contractors, who doubted Sali’s reliability on infrastructure spending, including highways.

Instead of courting them, the Ivy Leaguer from Fruitland lectured the contractors on unions, the minimum wage and a gas-tax hike, and said his aim would be to clean up Congress. “You may hate unions, but that’s the way it is, guys,” Grant recalled telling AGC. “I’m not afraid of being on the side of the working guy.”

AGC endorsed Sali. “We wanted to talk about infrastructure and regulation,” said AGC Executive Director Michael Gifford. “It just became clear that his issues were not our issues.”

Well, $92,500 is quite a bit to tick off. But where else did Larry Grant’s money come from? An insignificant amount ($5,000 came from business PACs) and then we see Larry Grant got very direct support from ideological allies who transferred money from their personal campaigns to his campaign. Who were some of these Congressmen?

A couple Big Names. Barney Frank sent Larry Grant $2,000 and Liberal Charlie Rangel (who is busy finding finding ways to raise your taxes) also sent $2,000, as did arch-proabortionist Henry Waxman Oddly enough, the contributions from Mr. Frank and Mr. Rangel weren’t received until November 1st (for some reason Larry Grant didn’t proudly tout the endorsement of Barney Frank.)

Larry Grant also took in some huge donations from leadership PACs. Leadership PACs are campaign entitities set up by members of Congress to allow them and their supporters (often lobbyists) to donate up to $5,000 in a primary on $5,000 in a general.

Mr. Grant received $5,000 from “AmeriPAC: Fund for Greater America” which is House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer’s leadership PAC. Earl Blumenauer’s (D-OR) PAC, Committee for a Livable Future kicked in $6,000. DNC Chariman Howard Dean’s PAC, Democracy for America gave $1,000. Leadership 21, Rep. John Tanner’s (D-TN) PAC gave $1,000. Midwest Values PAC controlled by that great moderate Al Franken gave $2,500. National Leadership PAC which is Charlie Rangel’s PAC gave Grant $5,000, which brought the total Rangel contributed directly or indirectly to $7,500.

I count one dozen out of state Democrat members of Congress trying to influence our elections. I didn’t list such unknowns as Xavier Becera (D-CA.), but when you add them all up with leadership PACs, it comes to a dozen. Yet this isn’t news to the Idaho Statesman, while Bill Sali’s out of state contributions are. Liberal media bias lives.


4 Responses to “The Friends of Larry Grant”

  1. […] from labor Unions and much more from career politicians like Charlie Rangel and Barney Frank (click here for all the details.). I assure you Bill Sali needed no funds to oppose the SCHIP bill. He’d […]

  2. […] as after all I’ve done some pretty hard-hitting stuff: such as exposing Larry Grant’s big out of state donors, the phony Republicans for Grant, and the low wages Jerry Brady paid his call center workers $7.50 […]

  3. […] as after all I’ve done some pretty hard-hitting stuff: such as exposing Larry Grant’s big out of state donors, the phony Republicans for Grant, and the low wages Jerry Brady paid his call center workers $7.50 […]

  4. […] Grant raised from out of state via the liberal Act Blue in mostly non-itemized contributions, or $95,000 from Unions +$10,000s from out-of-state liberal leadership PACs? That out of state influence evidently is okay, as no […]

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