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Mistakes Were Made

Posted by Adam Graham on June 27, 2007

Larry Grant delivers his response to Dan Popkey’s column in a reader’s view:

In the 2006 congressional election, an out-of-state, ultra-conservative fringe group, Club for Growth, hijacked the Republican primary and made Bill Sali the official candidate of the Republican Party.

“Not that I’m bitter about it.”  As this guy thinks Daily Kos is mainstream in Idaho, I don’t think he has finger on the pulse of Idaho voters.

Stuck with a candidate that most Republicans did not like, but with control of the Congress at stake, the Republican Party had no choice but to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Sali campaign in order to keep the seat in GOP hands. Republican leaders, state and national, put out the word for Republicans to vote for Bill Sali, even if they didn’t want to, because a vote for Larry Grant was a vote for Nancy Pelosi. For their trouble, they got both Nancy Pelosi and Bill Sali.

“Ha, I told you so, but I’m not bitter.” Actually, I know Republican circles better than Mr. Grant and Mr. Sali has nowhere the problems that Mr. Grant things.

Dan Popkey, in his column of June 17, talked to some committed Republicans and anonymous Democrats who think that was not enough

Committed Republicans who’d thought of voting for you before finding out intractably far left you were.

Every candidate makes mistakes and I certainly made my share. I am truly sorry I disappointed my supporters. And for those of you who think I didn’t listen, I hope you will be forthright with your advice in the future and forgive me if I did not explain well enough why I chose to do things the way I did.

You made a fair share of mistakes? Wait, I thought you did almost everything right? Which is it? And apparently his subtle message is, “If you have a problem with me, tell me, don’t tell Popkey.” Of course, the way Popkey wrote about it, the people who spoke to him may have been trying to do a political intervention.

And, yes, I will do it again for 2008 because no Democrat yet has won the first time out and because, as Mr. Popkey correctly noted, I have “a tougher hide than most.”

And, yes, it will be different this time.

This time, Bill Sali has to run on his record.

So, I’m guaranteed loads of material for the blog until May, 2008 at least. Then, we get the letters from the Grant staffers which defend Grant and attack Sali. They didn’t necessarily agree. Jill Kurtz wrote:

For the record, Larry did as much “retail politics” as any candidate I’ve seen.

Julie Fanselow wrote:

As a veteran of last year’s Larry Grant for Congress campaign, a bit of what I read in Dan Popkey’s June 17 column rang true to me. I agree that Grant needed to do more retail campaigning.

So which is it?


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