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When Blogging Goes Bad

Posted by Adam Graham on June 27, 2007

Blogging can be great for exposing the public needs to know and the politicians are afraid of being revealed.

Of course, the blogosphere can also make everyone a sage expert, which is not always a good thing. Example. The Mountain Goat Report posts several mistake-ridden pages from Conservative Rep. Steve Thayn’s campaign finance papers. Do they prove Rep. Thayn guilty of a crime? No. Do they prove he’s a tool of evil special interests. No. They prove that he struggled with the bureaucratic form from the Idaho department of elections and that his Treasurer, Benjamin Little Bear, needed to fill out forms beforehand and then copy the final draft down, or better yet download it on computer and type it up.

 But is it a scandal? No. Is it interesting? It’s slightly between curling and watching paint dry on the boredom scale. Some stories need to be told. This isn’t one.


3 Responses to “When Blogging Goes Bad”

  1. Hey Adam, are you still mad at me for calling you a “rite wing blogger?” (which BTW is not intended to be derogatory, just that as Julie has pointed out, “right wing” connotates correctness which isn’t necessarily true.)

    The thing about blogs is that what may interest me or my readers may not interest you or your readers…I guess that’s why “everyone” has one.

    And no, there isn’t any apparent wrong-doing by Rep. Thayn and it wasn’t implied in the post….

    You take care now.

  2. connotates = connotes

  3. Mad? I find most attempts to insult me so9mewhat amusing. Right wing refers to the side of the aisle. Right and Left, not right and wrong.

    The only thing annoys is that you’re posting on the blog I’m not using any more, rather than my new

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