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Biggio and the Big Hurt

Posted by Adam Graham on June 30, 2007

Thursday, Craig Biggio and Frank Thomas stepped into history, Biggio got his 3000th hit and Thomas slammed his 500th Homer.

 First, on Biggio, let’s be clear, it couldn’t have happened to a better player.  In a baseball world where players switch teams frequently, Biggio stuck with Houston the whole way. He and fellow Houston superstar Jeff Bagwell took less money some years in order for the team to bring better talent in to Houston. He was a rarity and deserves plaudits, not only for his loyalty to Houston, but for his huge, monster career. It’s been something to watch over the years.

Then, there’s the big Hurt who hit 500. Thomas is not the type of team player that Craig Biggio is, but he’s hall worthy, most definitely. Now some folks question whether 500 is  a good standard given the Home Run inflation of the 1990s. I still think it, but that’s pretty well irrelevant with the Big Hurt.

Frank Thomas has 2 MVP’s, 4 Silver Sluggers, 5 All-Star Appearance, the 11th best On-Base/Slugging percentage of all time. In addition, Thomas has 1,617 RBIs and only one player had that many RBIs in his career without going to the Hall of Fame, Harold Baines (with 1628) but within three or four weeks, Thomas will be past Baines and then we can say that no one has that many RBIs without being a Hall of Famer.

In addition, there’s another angle to the story, Thomas is untainted by steroids:

Sure, Thomas is as big as a house, but he always has been, since his days playing tight end for Auburn. Now 39, he points to his career consistency as proof each of his 500 home runs is legit.

“Numbers don’t lie,” he said. “You can look at (me) from Day One in this league, all the way to now. What my years are, what my good years are, and the numbers are almost the exact same. That should tell everyone. There’s no fluctuation in anything in my career.”

Thomas has hit 35 or more home runs eight times, but never more than 43 — the third-lowest career high among the 21 players in the 500 club.

Now, if you really think steroids impact power numbers or baseball player performance in general (no one has given me proof on that) and Thomas didn’t take them, then you have to give him more credit because pitchers were taking steroids, just like hitters and to get to 500 fair and square, now that’s one great achievement.


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  2. RKirk said

    DE Blog…

    Wieviel kostet es, um eine Fahne auf deinem blog zu entfalten?…

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