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Sunday Evening Quick Hits

Posted by Adam Graham on July 1, 2007

  • Belated Congratulations to the Random Yak on his decision to homeschool Yak the Younger. He lives in California where to run a public school apparently requires some sort of a mental illness as Yak explained a year or so back, Education is Job #2. Also, Yak the Younger sounds like a good kid, who wants to be challenged, not dress up in pajamas for school.
  • Kyle at One Red Paper Clip is back to trading. If you recall, he traded up from one red paper clip to a house. This trade is starting in Britain. Will he have his own Dukedom by the time it’s done?
  • Dr. George Grant has details on kids in Nashville standing against porn (and fasting and praying too.)
  • A Chubbuck, Idaho youth pastor was found not guilty of lewd conduct with a minor and sexual battery. The good news is that he still has his job. The only question is where does he go to get his reputation back?
  • Finally, State Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID. 14) reads the riot act to Democrats on their hypocrisy on Idaho’s closed primaries:

I have been amused by Idaho Democrats running around decrying closed primaries when they hold closed caucuses to choose their presidential candidates. Yet, I have not seen a single Idaho Democrat criticize the party’s closed caucus system. Instead, Idaho Democratic Party spokesman Chuck Oxley and others either defend these closed caucuses or claim they are meaningless. As a Republican, I do not have a problem with the Democrats’ closed caucuses because I do not have a right, or desire, to influence their candidate selection process…

Just wait, though: If Idaho Democrats ever become competitive or dominant again, they will be demanding and suing the state for a closed primary like the Democrats did in California in the case of California Democratic Party v. Jones. In that case, the U.S. Supreme Court essentially found that open primaries are unconstitutional. The state of California, through the initiative process, had changed its closed primary system to a blanket primary system that allowed the voters to vote for either Republicans or Democrats in the primaries. The California Democratic Party (yes, the Democrats) sued California’s secretary of state because the party felt that its right of free association was being violated.

The state of California argued that the blanket primary system was valid and offered seven reasons why blanket primaries should be upheld. These reasons are very similar to the ones presented by Oxley and Sen. Stennett in their editorials for opposing closed primaries. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected all seven claims and found that the state of California cannot force “political parties to associate with those who do not share their beliefs.” In short, the U.S. Supreme Court made it clear that voters do not have the right to vote in a primary of a party to which they do not belong.

It is telling that Idaho Democrats, including Oxley and Stennett, want to have the right to influence Republican primary results because they cannot field strong candidates in all state races. A party primary is the process where members of a political party choose their strongest candidate. It should not be used to make up for your own party’s weaknesses.

Well said.


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