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Hawks Win!

Posted by Adam Graham on July 4, 2007

The other reason I didn’t get much done post-wise yesterday is that I took my wife down to the Boise Hawks Game with the Everett AquaSox. We got a couple nice seats behind Home Plate. My wife has never been a huge baseball fan, but she hasn’t hated it either, and she wanted to see fireworks. So, this would be perfect for both of us.

I helped educate her on baseball. During the first inning when the players were taking their warm ups, Andrea asked, “How are they doing?” I said, “Honey, they’re just warming up.” She said, “Yeah, but how are they doing?” I explained that warm ups didn’t tell us much about how players were going to perform. :)

I got to spend some time explaining all these baseball things, which made me feel like an expert. Of course, I felt tempted to do what men do when they don’t know about something–make up some random guess. When Andrea asked why there were bleachers instead of seats along the First Base Line at Memorial Stadium (while seats were along the third base line), my mind began to concoct a convoluted reason, and then I realized what I was doing and was man enough to say, “I don’t know.”

Anytime a foul ball was hit out of the stadium, we turned and watched to see if it would hit a car. Andrea had advised me to park far away, so we wouldn’t suffer the fate of another fan who had their windshield broken by a foul the last time we went to the ballgame. Thankfully, all windshields survived, though I suppose some cars might have ended up with scratches.

The game itself had some pretty exciting moments. The triple to lead off the game by Roberto Mena was an awesome display of speed. Andrew Rundle tied it with a Homer, as the Hawks went on to score 11 unanswered runs.

Dustin Sasser was absolutely awesome for the Hawks. After the initial triple, he went on to retire 18 of the 21 batters he faced. A bunt single in the fourth, an error in the 5th, and a single in the sixth gave the Aqua Sox their only runners. His line: 6 IP, 3 H, 5 K, 0 BB. Good job.

A sloppy 4-run 6th sealed the Aqua Sox’s fate.  Catcher Josh Dunbar had a passed ball, relief pitcher Phillip Roy had 2 Wild Pitches, and the Hawks went up 8-1, thus clinching that we, the fans, would get free Frostys at Wendy’s.

The win was only the Hawks’ third of the season and their first at home, and it was great to see it.

Then after the game ended, we were treated to an awesome fireworks show, some of which I’ve captured below (had to do some editing as I had several seconds of black screen.) Happy Independence Day.


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