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The Growing Butch Otter

Posted by Adam Graham on July 6, 2007

Governor Otter “grows” as Governor and our tax burden along with it. He wants to raise $200 million. Mr. Governor, if I’d wanted more taxes, I’d have voted Democrat. I distributed around 800 pieces of literature for the Governor, and I’m not happy.

I’m also a tad dubious of the Governor’s claim that he never planned on raising taxes. While he signed Americans for Tax Reform’s no tax increase pledge as a Congressman, he didn’t do so as Governor.

Unfortunately, this story epitomizes the problem of Governor Otter. For all of his good qualities (and they are legion), he has lived so long in wealth and privilege, that he is out of touch with Idaho’s middle class that has to sweat and labor to pay for the high price of this government.

Hat Tip: Idaho Values Alliance

Addendum: By the way, he wants to raise gas taxes because apparently a Gallon of Gas doesn’t cost your average Idaho family enough.


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