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Updated Blog Roll

Posted by Adam Graham on July 6, 2007

Look over in the left hand sidebar and you’ll see I upated my blogroll. You’ll see all active Idaho Conservative and Liberal blogs (that I’m aware of), Idaho and National media sources, Christian information, and a good old splattering of Misc. Essentially, everything that’s in my Blog Feed reader is now in the sidebar. In addition, tonight was spent going through a series of articles I wrote for on the best blogs and insuring that I had all the best blogs included.

One thing that stood out to me is how much blogging changes. I hadn’t checked some of the blogs on my b2evolution blog for years and I found most had gone dormant or been replaced. It was even the case with some of the best award nominated blogs from the Weblog Awards. I can’t count how many blogs that had been award nominated and going strong a mere 7 month ago and were now either dead or in two cases, have been replaced with blogs that aren’t worthy of the great URL they’ve acquired. We’ve really lasted a long time in the blogosphere and I’m pretty proud of that, going on three years and still going strong (thank the Lord.)

 With that, I want to say hi to a couple of blogs that have just been added to the blogroll. First, to Grassroots Idaho GOP welcome aboard. This blog is part of the effort to get real party primaries in place in Idaho and I’m 100% behind them. WhereIsJodi is the blog of Jodi Cowles, who I interviewed tonight for a Truth and Hope Podcast, coming up next week.


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