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National Suicide

Posted by Adam Graham on January 17, 2008

Rep. Curtis Bowers (R-ID. 10) has gotten into trouble with an op-ed relating his experience going to a meeting of communists incommunicado. He writes that their agenda to bring down America that he heard back in 1992 is already in effect in our country:

Firstly, to destroy the family, they would promote co-habitation instead of marriage. They would also try to get children away from their mothers into government programs at the earliest age possible. They felt the best way to do this was to promote the feminist movement, which had been very effective at making women discontent with marriage and motherhood.

Secondly, to destroy businesses, they aimed to wipe out the profit potential that motivated people to start them. If people couldn’t make good money off their ideas and hard work, they would eventually be content working for someone else. They were sure the environmental movement (modest at the time) was the only vehicle capable of creating enough regulation and expense to discourage business growth.

Finally, to destroy our culture, they needed us to abandon our heritage of religion and morality. They believed the homosexual movement, if accepted, would begin to effectively extinguish these values.

At the time they laid out this strategy, I wasn’t overly impressed. It seemed very unrealistic and certainly not something to worry about in my lifetime. Yet as I sit in my office, recall their plan and consider where America is today, I am shocked.

Our first woman presidential candidate talks about how degrading it is to be a stay-at-home mom. Businesses are closing down or moving daily to other countries because environmental regulations are too excessive to make a profit. And legislation is being considered in Washington, D.C. that makes it a crime to discuss in public any opposition to the homosexual lifestyle. As the old advertisement said, “You’ve come a long way, baby!”

When we see many mainstream politicians and activist judges with the same agenda that just 16 years ago was that of Communist strategists, it is time for patriotic Americans to wake up and get involved.

This has created a lot of guffaws in the blogosphere, some posting pictures of Bowers with a goatee (like he grew to infiltrate the communists.) Others choosing to believe a communist who disputes Bowers version of events at the meeting. Bowers’ for his part backs up his view by citing W. Cleon Skousen’s “The Naked Communist,” a popular text on the Cold War that lays out 45 goals of communists for America, most of which make sense from a Soviet perspective.

Our friends on the left downplay the influence of Communists in America, because some people who were not communists were accused, but there was a degee of influence, how much we can debate.

In the end, where I disagree with Bowers is that I don’t think the Communists after-Soviet Union plan was the key factor in what’s happened in recent years.  In 1992 when Bowers went to a Communist meeting, the die was already cast. The decline of the family, crippling regulation, and a tax code that doesn’t make sense and is anti-growth was already in place.

We now have people who insist illegitimacy be considered equally good to two parent homes despite the studies that show otherwise. We are gripped by a destructive tax code beause greedy special intersts (none of whom will end benefit it from it. The same tax code keeps mothers and fathers who might choose to be at home in the workforce.  Churches rarely challenge, rarely confront and tolerate sins of all sort ignoring the Bible’s call to holiness.

Yet, I don’t see the hands of Communist in this. I see our own. It’s the rampant apathy of those who identity themselves as Christians and Conservatives but refuse to challenge a culture gone mad. Perhaps, we’re afraid that like Rep. Bowers we’ll be castigated. Indeed, Bowers will have difficulty getting re-elected as he’s done something that politicians should never do if they want to enjoy a long time government: call our attention to the deteriorating shape of our culture.

The sad thing is that what Communists dreamt of and would have spent billions to make happen in the Cold War Days, we do at no charge in America. The destruction of the Family, run away entitlements, over-regulation of business. We’re destroying our own country. And the only hope is that we do exactly what Rep. Bowers said: Wake up.


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