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President McCain

Posted by Adam Graham on January 21, 2008

Republican voters are trending towards John McCain in recent primaries. What would John McCain do as President? Many of his supporters are ignorant of his record, or overlooking it. This column will project what a John McCain presidency would look like. If you still vote for him after reading this, the pain that comes on this country will be on your own head:

Social Issues: John McCain will appoint liberal judges to the federal bench. He will make the defense of his unconstitutional campaign finance law a priority. Those judges who will rule for that unconstitutional abomination are very unlikely to see the error of Roe v. Wade as that requires a strict constructionist judicial philosophy, which those who support McCain-Feingold would not have.

John McCain would fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research. The McCain Administration, by doing so, would not relieve suffering, as recent advances have been able to develop embyronic stem cells without destroying human life, but would rather lead to ennobling abortion as a way for women to take an unwanted pregnancy, get an abortion, and use the stem cells to help those suffering from various diseases. McCain would turn abortion into a noble choice.

Economic Issues: John McCain can be expected to increase the payroll tax as part of a social security fix. He will do nothing to reform our out-of-control federal tax system.

He will rightly strain the gnat of pork barrel spending, only to swallow the camel of overly excessive environmental regulation. Even now, Americans are suffering with higher gas prices, and consequently higher prices on everything, in part because of John McCain’s refusal to support drilling in ANWR.

This would deepen as McCain would implement environmental proposals similar to Kyoto with the support of a Democratic Congress. This would further increase the price of energy and fuel for all Americans, and raise prices on everything else.

Sovereignty: John McCain has no respect for America’s sovereignty. This shows most prominently in his support for illegal immigrant amnesty, but will show in other areas as well, such as his backing of the Law of the Sea Treaty and the International Criminal Court.

American sovereignty will retract under John McCain Administration in the name of expanding the powers of International organizations that have already failed us.

Havoc on the Republican Party: John McCain will take a wrecking ball to the Republican Party.

Republicans will lose seats under McCain as Republicans loss seats under Eisenhower (the president most similar to McCain), beginning with McCain’s own Senate seat, which will be filled by the Democratic Governor of that state. With McCain’s policies appealing more to liberal and moderate voters than conservatives, many McCain voters will continually elect Democrats to Congress. If McCain were to serve two terms, by the time he ended his tenure, Republicans would certainly have less than forty senate seats and less than 175 House Seats.

In addition to this, his amnesty for illegal aliens will lead to a host of new Democratic voters, as immigrants tend to be with the party of bigger government that provides more services until they move up to the middle class. If John McCain is President, the 109th Congress may be the last time in our lifetimes we ever see a Republican Majority in Congress.

These are a few of the likely consequences if John McCain is elected President. If Republicans love liberty, they will band together to stop this man. If they do not, John McCain is someone they richly deserve.


3 Responses to “President McCain”

  1. Bubblehead said

    So I take it we won’t be seeing the same kind of “all good Republicans must rally around the nominee” stuff you put out about Sali in 2006 after Sen. McCain clinches the nomination? Or does that only apply when a candidate you support gets the nomination?

  2. I certainly won’t publicly endorse the Democrat.

  3. Jack Kemp and all those who tout McCain operate on the assumption that reluctant conservatives will eventually rally around McCain and vote for the lesser evil. I don’t think that is going to happen. Your article makes a strong case that a Democrat in the office in 2008 is hardly a lesser evil. I am hoping for a Dean-like moment where the anger and pettiness of the man really come to the fore.

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