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Off Like a Shot

Posted by Adam Graham on April 14, 2009

In the House, two new bills have been added to the scorecard. SJM102 regarding the Employee Free Choice Act (i.e. Card Check) and H0287 which provides an immunity for employers when allowing employee firearm storage in personal vehicles on the employer’s business property.

One bill that is on the House Scorecard won’t be on the Senate. H0229 to forbid the taking of firearms if martial is declared passed 32-1. Apparently, only Senator Les Bock (D-16) thought that allowing the government to seize guns during a period of martial law should be on the table. Nine members of the House shared Bocks view.

The scorecard is about complete for both the House and Senate. The Senate may vote on a few House Items before it’s all said and done (though currently only one scorecard issue, H0262 is currently on the Senate agenda.

I’ve got 12 votes scored in the House, and 7 scored in the Senate. So far, we have eight representatives with 100% voting records and two Senators. With 0% Conservative voting records, we have eight representatives and three Senators.


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