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Do As I Say

Posted by Adam Graham on April 18, 2009

Tara Rowe writing at Political Game says:

In all the unnecessary bickering between those who attended tea parties and those who didn’t, we seem to have forgotten that we all have the same goal, we are all working toward the same end with whatever tools we have available to us. We all want a successful country, an economy on track, well-written and thoughtful laws that make every day a little easier than the last and we all want these things because we are Americans. That’s nothing to laugh or argue about.

First of all, there’s so much wrong with this post because in her original post, she said Tea Partiers were a laughing stock. She beat out the tired arguments of the worshipers of the State declaring that we hadn’t stopped using the services our taxes paid for. So to say there was nothing to laugh about and nothing to argue about when. In her original post (which she changed), she actually wrote:

Anybody else relieved the ridiculous tax day “tea parties” are behind us? Unfortunately, I don’t think those taking part in the national day of saying no to spending will ever grasp that we were all laughing at them, not with them, and that their national organizational effort wasn’t really a grassroots anything, unless being the laughing stock can be considered a grassroots effort.]

(Note I’ve got the screenshot from Bloglines, if she really wants to argue this.)

Today, she writes:

Some have suggested that I was recently laughing at the solidarity of Republican “tea parties” as a Democrat ultimately interested in the demise of the Republican party.

Well, where the heck would anybody get that idea, Tara? If you don’t like the words you wrote, then apologize for them, say, “I think I was too derisive and I’m sorry.” Don’t make some post suggesting that I misunderstood you, when your statements were plain as day.

Another thing about this whole, “We’re all Americans and we all want the same thing.” I’d agree on a broad level that you’re correct, however your actions seem to bely your rhetoric.

You’ve just spent several months engage in the Zeb Bell project of listening to Zeb Bell’s morning ranch show. You and MGR have been busily listening day after day to find some politically incorrect utterance to make hay about. And to what end?

In order to tar every conservative in the state as a wacky racist extremist who the left should hate and fear, and to form an argument as to why your fellow citizens’ freedom of speech based on an unelected radio host in extreme rural Idaho.  Heck, in some cases, they’ve even tried to tar conservatives based on what random listeners have said.

MGR and Tara have acted like the political martyrs of a new millennium for listening to a radio show and they’ve been lauded across the liberal blogosphere for doing their part to try and encourage the effort to regulate away conservative access to freedom of speech on the radio.

And tell me when will the left begin to respect that Bryan Fischer and Brandi Swindell are Americans motivated by positive motives.  Neither of these two are likely to retire rich. Neither of them needed Barack Obama to tell them life wasn’t about making money.

Bryan Fischer’s in his fight because he believes the policies the IVA pursues will make life better for Idaho families. He believes options in education and reduction in government is better to our state. Yet, he’s a theocratic Snidely Whiplash in the eyes of the left because he doesn’t mesh with the Teacher’s Union.

As for Brandi Swindell, she’s really spent most of her adult life trying to make a difference in the lives of others. Brandi Swindell would be hailed as a hero by the left if only she’d made the focus of her life saving garter snails rather than saving babies. Since her City Council campaign in 2005, she’s barely been seen in the news, she went more than 15 months without being the focal point of a Statesman Story, yet the moment she appears whether the story was of her making or not, she’s declared to be a media-seeking glory-hound.

In fact, she’s focused right now on her good work at Stanton Health Care, helping women in crisis pregnancies find life-alternatives to women in crisis pregnancy situations.  She’s walking with women through this difficult time of their lives, and it doesn’t make headlines anywhere on this Earth. Yet, we’re told she’s just a gloryhound.

And I won’t even get into the dehumanizing the attacks against Bill Sali. The politics of personal destruction including deceiving voters to try and make them that a tax lien that’d been satisfied nearly two decades ago was still oustanding and opening both Sali and his wife to identity theft.

I’m appalled.  And I’m tired. And I’m not going to accept hollow words from people who try and destroy good people and then claim “We’re all Americans,” and “we all want the same thing.” I’ll believe you believe it when you start acting like you do.


My apologies to Tara on one point. I must have been mistaken. I’ve stricken the portions in question


3 Responses to “Do As I Say”

  1. Adam, I don’t know what you think I changed, but looking at the first paragraph of that post and what you have quoted here, they are exactly the same. I know I haven’t touched that post, other than to link to it in my most recent post, so I’m a little confused why you’re taking paranoid screen shots thinking I’ll change my mind about something I wrote.

  2. Thanks, Adam.

  3. Good lord, Adam… paranoia much? But then your paranoia is only exceeded by your inability to read and comprehend and that is only exceeded by your myopic view of the world. You lump everyone who doesn’t believe in your same narrow world view into one group of evil, conspiring, haters out to “destroy good people” and then project that view onto those whom you’ve just labeled. Is it easier to hate them if you believe they all hate you? Is it easier to overlook the inherent worth in all people when you believe them to have evil intentions?

    You characterize the efforts by Tara and myself to eliminate bigotry and racism in this state as an attempt to shut down conservative talk radio when the two of us have repeatedly said that we don’t care if Zeb Bell expresses a conservative viewpoint, just that he not use hateful, offensive and bigoted language to do so. Either you didn’t read and comprehend these posts or you’ve intentionally mischaracterized them.

    You target Tara with your angry venom as if she’s to blame for all the supposed “ills” perpetrated on Bryan Fischer, Brandi Swindell and Bill Sali. She hasn’t done anything to the three (all who have chosen to be in the public eye, btw) and, of all the progressive bloggers, has written next to nothing about any of them in the four plus years she’s been blogging. Nothing could be more unfair or undeserved than making her your scapegoat.

    You’re appalled? I’m appalled. And this acerbic anger doesn’t flatter you.

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