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Cheers and Boos: April 19

Posted by Adam Graham on April 20, 2009

Boos to: Jim Fisher, big government liberal for suggesting that what America needs to do is to crush opportunity and destroy the American dream with higher taxes and more government. Apparently, reforming entitlements is off the table.

Boos to Rep. Brian Cronin (D-19) who complains:

I find it real interesting, particularly as a freshman legislator, that you have House and Senate leadership – Republicans – as well as a Republican governor that can’t seem to compromise with each other. These are all elected Republican officials who have the supermajority in the Statehouse and yet they can’t even get on the same page on these issues, and thus we stay week after week without resolving some very fundamental issues

The House is run by Conservatives, the Senate is run by a more to the left Senate leadership, and the Governor doesn’t know what he believes. Republicanism pertains to a party not a philosophy. Blame voters for electing Senators who are far more liberal than State Representatives.

Democrats haven’t been concerned with legislating, they’ve been concerned with obstructing legislation. Don’t give me the whole, “We’re shocked, shocked I say that there hasn’t been more progress.”

Cheers to Senator Nicole LeFavour (D-19) for finally using her poetic powers for good rather than whine.

Boos to Former Senator Steve Symms (R-Id.) who is holding a fundraiser for Rep. Walt Minnick (D-Idaho) but like a scene from the Godfather, Symms tells us it’s only business:

Symms said he’s been hearing from Idaho Republicans concerned about Monday’s news that he’s holding a $1,000-a-plate breakfast for Minnick on April 23 at his Capitol Hill office.

“It’s just business,” said Symms, who served 20 years in Congress and held the 1st District seat Minnick won from GOP Rep. Bill Sali in November. By the end of Minnick’s two-year term, Republicans will have held the seat for all but six of the past 44 years. “I’m still Steve Symms. I haven’t changed my view of anything. I’m still the old libertarian Republican.”

“Don’t read too much into this,” Symms said. “I like Walt. He’s a friend. I’m willing to try to help him so he can be a successful congressman. But am I going to be voting for a Democrat for Congress? No. He knows that. I’m not going to be going out there making ads for Walt Minnick or anything like that.”

No,  something changed very much about Steve Symms, he’s been out of office for 17 years and he’s still part of the beltway crowd. It’s pure bull to say, “I’m going to raise funds for him, but I won’t for him.” What does Walt Minnick care about? $250,000 in campaign contributions or one lousy vote. This shows the corrosive, unprincipled culture of Washington and Symms is just a poster boy for it.

If Symms supports Minnick for Congress, fine, raise money for him. For Symms to say he won’t for the guy and then raise money to help re-elect someone who he won’t to re-elect smacks of political opportunism and influence games.

Cheers to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for its smoking cessation programs that are growing by leaps and bounds with 2,200 Idaho smokers signing up in March.

Boos to the Obama Administration for it’s predictably idiotic way to fund SCHIP expansion with a 62 cent Cigarette Tax increase that has led to people requesting the cessation kits. The good news about the new tax is that it will lead to less people smoking, more people kicking the habit, and less people starting. The bad news. The tax is going to end up quickly failing to pay for the expansion that it was supposed to finance because of less revenue. That’s when the tax will hit we, the non-smokers or be put on the national credit card. Nice work, Democrats.

Cheers to Trevor Hattabaugh, a 13-year old Comic headed to try out for America’s Got Talent after capturing the attention of Simon Cowell. His comedy is leftward, but I hope his dreams come true. I do hope he grows up to be a better person and make better use of comedy than has Jon Stewart.

Three Cheers to Nampa Healthy Families:  I confess that I live a very Boise-centric life, rarely venturing beyond the gates of the City of Trees.  I’ve often thought something like a inter-denominational organization to preserve and strengthen families was needed as a positive action that I thought should be pursued.

Andrea and I went to Mark Gungor’s Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Conference (which I’d reccomend to any couple wanting to improve their marriage.) The conference was brought here by Nampa Healthy Families. This was my first up close and personal encounter with the organization and I have to admit that I’m impressed with their work, their dedication to preserving marriages.  (Note to potential critics: they make it clear, that the marriage initiative is not about keeping people in abusive marriages.)

In Oklahoma, the State started the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative to do many of the same thing as they’ve brought together a very wide coalition including businesses, civic groups, and religious groups (The Nampa Healthy Families Group includes Catholics, Protestants, and the local LDS Stakes.)

In Idaho, our politicians have taken no notice, but they’ve started a group that does a lot of good with minimal government assistance.

The good news is that they are expanding to Boise and Gem County. For doing good work that goes beyond politics and will alleviate many of the ills, politicians deal with, three cheers for the Healthy Families Network and may they expand around the state.


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