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Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work-Covering up Child Abuse

Posted by Adam Graham on April 28, 2009

Lila Rose is interviewed by Glenn Beck about her going undercover in Tennessee as a 14 year-old and a Planned Parenthood counselor to go and lie in court in order to get an abortion. Planned Parenthood defenders swear on a stack of Bibles that this is an isolated incident. But this is the eighth clinic around the nation. How long does this have to go on until it’s consdered a fundamental cultural problem within that organization that should cost it taxpayer’s funding?


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Terrorist Nuts Celebrate Paul Hill

Posted by Adam Graham on July 2, 2007

According to Wisconsin Right-to-Life,  some incredible nuts are set to celebrate double-murderer Paul Hill (Hat Tip: Pro-Life Blogs):

Wisconsin Right to Life has learned that four groups, who wrongly call themselves “pro-life, will be in Milwaukee from July 26-29 to honor Paul Hill, a terribly misguided individual who was executed in Florida for murdering abortionist John Britton in 1994.

The three day event is being called “Paul Hill Days” and will include an “reenactment of 7-29-1994,” (referring to an reenactment of the murder of Britton by Hill thirteen years ago on that date.)

“It is terrifying that a ‘reenactment’ of the murder will take place in our state. It should be condemned by pro-life people of good will everywhere,” said Barbara Lyons, Executive Director for Wisconsin Right to Life. “Wisconsin Right to Life has consistently spoken out against violent individuals like Paul Hill who inappropriately use the name of the pro-life movement in carrying out their deplorable acts.”

The organizations sponsoring “Paul Hill Days” are “Paul Hill Memorial,” “Children Need Heroes,” “Street Preach,” and Pro-Life Virginia.

The pro-life movement is guided by the belief that each and every human life has intrinsic value and that the efforts to protect human life should be carried out in a peaceful, legal, non-violent manner.

It’s a stunning piece of news, particularly the re-enactment. Re-enacting bravely fought battles of the Civil War, I can see. Re-enacting the shooting of two unarmed men in a car is perverse. The pro-life movement is strongly against this nut.

Some compare Paul Hill to John Brown, the man who led the raid on Harper’s Ferry, and they have a point. John Brown brought death to Kansas, he brought death to Virginia, and then the aftermath of his actions brought hundreds of thousands of deaths to America as body bags piled up.  Slavery ended, but at high cost, leaving scars on this nation that have still not fully healed. In Great Britain, slavery ended decades before without a shot. We need William Wilberforces today, not murdeorus John Browns.

It’s my hope that the FBI is paying close attention to the anti-abortion (vs. pro-life) terrorist sympathizers behind these groups. Hill first made the national news with his presence at the trial of Michael Griffin. That he was able to get into position to commit this crime is a true sign of incompetence. These people are dangerous.

Reaction from Other Blogs:

Liberal blogs are trying to link all Christian, Conservative pro-lifers to this event including:

Whiskey, Tango, Fox Trot who doesn’t ackowledge widespread Pro-Life opposition to Hill’s actions, nor does Archy. The All Spin Zone asks which Republican Presidential Candidate will condemn the rally and little considers that we’re dealing with fringe nuts who are below the radar screen of most candidates.

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The Life of Pro-Life: A Review of Like Always

Posted by Adam Graham on June 20, 2007

The following is a review of Robert Elmer’s novel Like Always:


Will and Merit Sullivan and their two daughters move to small town Idaho in an attempt to escape from Will’s stressful job to the peaceful serenity of a rural America. Will and Merit leave behind a son in California who has returned from Iraq with scars he’s trying to hide.

In the midst of this, the Sullivans are hit with a double whammy. At 44, Merit becomes pregnant and is diagnosed with Leukemia. Her choice to refuse an abortion and treatment is tested by family members and eventually political activists and the media.

The Craft

I would be remiss if I didn’t praise Robert Elmer’s knowledge and skill in his craft. He had an incredible grasp of description. He has mastered the art of unobtrusively showing us settings, giving us background information on people in a way that keeps and stirs our interests.

His main characters come alive magically. Will, Merit, their son, Michael, and their neighbor Stephanie are well-developed . The innocence and kindness of the young Sullivan daughters often serves to punctuate the story’s most important moments.

Elmer avoids stereotypes with the main characters. When I read the first scene with Stephanie Unruh, a twenty-something home schooled preacher’s daughter with a love for animals, I braced myself for a stereotypical “weird” home school kid that pops up from time to time in popular literature. In the course of the story, we find her to be a unique, loving, kind, and hard working girl who becomes vital to the Sullivans as they face a crisis.

Perhaps, the only shortcoming was minor characters that were a little flat. Merit’s sister, Sydney is the embodiment of the new age vegetarian liberal with teas, herbs, and wild conspiracy theories. The only way she could have been more stereotypical was by placing a “Kucinich for President” sticker on the back of her trailer.

At 304 pages, the story could have used about fifty more to add some depth to a few minor characters, as well as give us a chance to better enjoy Elmer’s excellent leading characters.

The Message

The book is pro-life, and I don’t just mean that it’s anti-abortion. The book is life affirming, because the ultimate focus is not abortion, but love.

The book is the story of a mother’s love for her child and her fears as she faces her own mortality. It’s about love within a family and all the confusion and pain that surrounds that. It’s about the love of a small community for its newest citizen.

Without preaching, the book spoke volumes. Faith and Love are revealed through trials, not in spite of them. Through the darkest time of her life, Merit Sullivan becomes a stronger person, whose love for her husband and son changes their lives.

Like Always is an uncommon and powerful story that will keep your attention until the last page.

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And That’s What It’s All About…

Posted by Adam Graham on June 12, 2007

Is abortion about a woman’s right to choose? Not hardly. As Jill Stanek points out, Rolling Stone tipped the male pro-choice hand in a ham-handed attack on Fred Thompson:

It’s easy to be “pro-life” when you’re a settled father and family man. It’s another thing altogether to oppose abortion in absolute terms when you’re a Hollywood actor playing the field and you face the prospect of unintentionally bringing a child into the world with your latest conquest.

Not everyone wants to live out their own personal Knocked Up script. When it was relevant to him, Fred Thompson respected that choice.

So it seems to be about the man’s choice for comfort, not the woman’s choice as pro-Choicers frequently howl.

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So Where Are the Naive People?

Posted by Adam Graham on June 11, 2007

According to Rasmussen, by a 56-16% margin, Americans believe that members of Congress would trade their votes for cash or campaign contributions. So where do these 16% live? Are they interested in buying bridges?

Hat Tip: Club for Growth

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Nancy Pelosi’s Blasphemy

Posted by Adam Graham on June 10, 2007

Of destroying embryos for medical research, Nancy Pelosi declares:

“Science is a gift of God to all of us and science has taken us to a place that is biblical in its power to cure. And that is the embryonic stem cell research.”

So Atom bombs are also a gift from God. After all, science produced them. What about guns? A scientists had to develop them. Or barbed wire, or machine guns, are these all gifts from God? What about date rape drugs and LSD are those gifts from God.

Science is not God. Science can be used for good or ill and to draw God in as an advocate of the destruction of innocent human life shows a poor understanding of scripture to say the least.

Hat Tip: Jill Stanek

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The Salesman’s Pitch

Posted by Adam Graham on May 24, 2007

In my last piece, I talked about how an Idaho Planned Parenthood clinic is using an article by local abortionist Duane St. Clair to sell religious women on abortion. St. Clair’s piece is a theological defense of the practice. In the second part of this series, I examine St. Clair’s arguments.

To begin with, Dr. St. Clair readily admits that life begins at conception:

”There is no debating it is a live ovum and sperm that unite at the beginning of pregnancy; human life began thousands of years ago and has been a continuum ever since.”

A quite stunning admission from the abortionist, but at least an honest one given the current state of Embryology.

He then goes on to write:

”The important question is not when life begins but when does ‘morally relevant personhood’ begin?”

So, Dr. St. Clair, having utterly been failed by science begins liberal
theological gymnastics typical of the pro-choice crowd. Ironically, towards the end of his argument, St. Clair infers religious motives to pro-lifers (emphasis original to the document):

Others believe there is a soul present in the fertilized ovum, and therefore they feel it must be a person. However, they realize they cannot discuss their fear is that a soul may be present without the Constitution of the United States limiting them in their attempts to legally prohibit abortion. Believing in a soul is clearly a religious belief; so they continue to use the terms person and unborn child.

So thus Dr. St. Clair leads us to a debate outside science, coming down to a basic debate over personhood and the presence of a soul. Advocates of the pro-choice position claim to be about science and reason, not religion and philosophy. Yet, as many advocates before him have done, St. Clair rejects science for a philosophy that arbitrarily denies human rights to million. .
The other points, I’ll merely summarize as these points have been vigorously debated over the Internet:

He makes the silly argument that abortion is okay due to the number of miscarriages that occur. Abortion is justified by the fact that there are spontaneous miscarriages in the same way first degree murder is justified by the fact that people die of natural causes.

Dr. St. Clair writes, “We must either reject all abortions or allow every woman the right decide which cases are ‘hard cases.’ No one can place a value judgment on another person’s situation.”

Here Dr. St. Clair has gone from medicine to philosophy to law. What he states isn’t true. Our legal system makes value judgments about people’s situations all the time. We take a look at one case of killing and we say, “It was in self-defense, you are therefore not guilty.” We take a look at another and say, “You were enraged and killed someone in the heat of the moment with no premeditation, you are guilty of manslaughter.” We take a look at still another case and say, “You killed this person with malice aforethought and are guilty of first degree murder.”

The Old Testament Law rings with such evaluations and judgments based on different situations. If you take a look at the law (Exodus-Deuteronomy) you’ll find a law book that examines what happens in dozens of different circumstances. For example, if a man killed another accidentally, he could flee to a city of refuge to avoid being killed by an avenging relative, if he killed out of malice he could not.

St. Clair then judges the right to life stance as unchristian (and by extension those who advocate for it) by ironically citing the “Judge not” scripture, thus judging the entire Pro-Life movement.

As I said, it’s fairly typical of the stuff you’ll find on the Internet advocating abortion. The only difference is that this one-sided propaganda is being handed out to young women in an attempt to influence them to have an abortion, and that is truly an outrage.

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$elling Abortion To Religious Women

Posted by Adam Graham on May 23, 2007

Are Religious women in Boise being sold abortions?

Pro-Choicers often intone that a woman’s choice on abortion should be left between a woman, her doctor, and her God. Let’s for a moment accept this point for the sake of argument, (though rarely is an abortion performed by the woman’s personal doctor, but by some other doctor she has never met and hopes to never see again.)

It’s fair to ask what the role of the doctor in all this? It would seem the role of the doctor would be to provide medical information/advice to the woman. If you answered that it’s the job of the doctor to insert himself into the relationship between the woman and Her God, congratulations, you agree with Planned Parenthood of Idaho.

I have obtained materials from a confidential source that Planned Parenthood of Idaho hands out to religious clients. If you’ve never seen, “I personally have a firm belief in God. It is my belief that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins approximately 2,000 years ago and that He will come again” in a handout from your doctor, you’ve never obtained an abortion at Planned Parenthood in Idaho in a situation where they believe you to be religious.

Planned Parenthood’s materials pay lip service to women’s consciences. “A woman should listen to her conscience and choose that option which she feels is the right moral decision for her. If she has much doubt about what she should do, I feel she should not do anything.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean the folks at Planned Parenthood won’t try and change that conscience. Women are also handed a four page article on abortion and morality. The article is written by Dr. Duane St. Clair, MD, a local abortionist who provides his non-biased commentary on scripture and matters of conception using standard pro-choice theological arguments. While I missed the Divinity Degree after his name, I’m certain it was an omission, as I’m sure the doctor would not speak outside of his area of trained specialty.

I’ll address Dr. St. Clair’s arguments in a future post. In a larger sense, what he says is actually quite irrelevant. Whether or not you agree with these arguments doesn’t matter as much as the fact that they’re being handed out to religious women who are in a crisis pregnancy.

If one were to be extremely kind, you could say that they are designed to make women “more comfortable” with the abortion decision. But this is not the job of the medical practitioner or a medical office.

If there is discomfort and doubts, it is not the job of the practitioner to give the woman theological arguments to explain why it’s okay, but to follow their own policy and discourage a woman from continuing with a procedure she’s uncertain of.

Instead, handing out this pamphlet amounts to trying to sell the woman on abortion. In the terminology of the sales world, this piece is being used to “overcome an objection.”

The problem is that legitimate medicine does not engage in salesmanship of a procedure, particularly one as life-altering as abortion. But with declining abortion rates, economics come into play. Less women getting abortions means less money for doctors, which means less doctors willing to perform the procedure.

Meanwhile, it’s women who will pay the price years down the road, as many realize the guilt and pain in their heart will not be salved by empty philosophizing. It is then that pregnancy centers come and pick up the pieces with post-abortion counseling. Were these abortion clinics more concerned with the patient’s long-term health rather than the clinic’s short-term pocketbook, it would save many women years of suffering.

Click here to read Part Two.

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Of Children and Choices

Posted by Adam Graham on May 20, 2007

Jill Stanek has news of Planned Parenthood selling a onesie jumper with “Mommy’s Little Choice” on it. This is interesting from Planned Parenthood as they attacked the movie The Ultimate Gift for an anti-abortion message but all the mother said was that her child was the best choice she ever made.

One mesage from a pro-choice perspective, one from a pro-choice perspective what’s the difference? Perhaps, it’s the message behind the message. In the Ultimate Gift, the mother was praising the wonder of her child. In the case of the Planned Parenthood onesie, what is being proclaimed is the mother’s power and the mother’s choice and remembering that the reason their children are here is because they chose not to use their power to destroy them.

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‘Splainin’ Time

Posted by Adam Graham on May 8, 2007

For someone who “hates abortion” Rudy sure gave quite a bit of money to Planned Parenthood. So Pro-Lifers out there who support Rudy? When are you going to have enough of this guy?

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Weekend Conservative Podcast:

Posted by Adam Graham on May 6, 2007

Tonight on the Truth and Hope Report:

-Presidential Debate Follies
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-What You Get With Democrat Governors
-Rick Warren’s Church Discipline Problem

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Pro-Life Conversion Stories

Posted by Adam Graham on May 1, 2007

Jill Stanek posts the first in a series. I think she’ll find many others. A lot of people go from Pro-Choice to Pro-Life, few go in reverse other than impressionable college kids.

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Wednesday Night Podcast

Posted by Adam Graham on April 25, 2007

Tonight on the Truth and Hope Report:

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To Those of You Confused About Partial Birth Abortion…

Posted by Adam Graham on April 20, 2007

Joe Carter sets you straight:

If any doctors are still confused maybe I can put it in even simpler terms: If the baby’s whole head is sticking out, don’t kill her; if the baby’s bottom half is sticking out and you can see where the umbilical cord attaches, don’t kill him. If you’re still confused then you need to put down the head-crushing forceps. For while you might be evil enough to be an abortionist, you’re too dumb to be a doctor.

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Food Not Condoms

Posted by Adam Graham on April 18, 2007

On Monday, I brought you the story of the over-abundance of condoms in third world medical clinics and the utter lack of things that some people may consider at least equally important (like say, bandages.)

Well, the person who wrote the original posts suggested this website saying that providing food may be more important than providing contraception to starving people.

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