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Here We are Back Again

Posted by Adam Graham on February 6, 2008

Once again, we’re back at due to once again having to move servers. I would blog without having to deal with the Internet, but then that would be called writing on pieces of paper or the wall.


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Updated Blog Roll

Posted by Adam Graham on July 6, 2007

Look over in the left hand sidebar and you’ll see I upated my blogroll. You’ll see all active Idaho Conservative and Liberal blogs (that I’m aware of), Idaho and National media sources, Christian information, and a good old splattering of Misc. Essentially, everything that’s in my Blog Feed reader is now in the sidebar. In addition, tonight was spent going through a series of articles I wrote for on the best blogs and insuring that I had all the best blogs included.

One thing that stood out to me is how much blogging changes. I hadn’t checked some of the blogs on my b2evolution blog for years and I found most had gone dormant or been replaced. It was even the case with some of the best award nominated blogs from the Weblog Awards. I can’t count how many blogs that had been award nominated and going strong a mere 7 month ago and were now either dead or in two cases, have been replaced with blogs that aren’t worthy of the great URL they’ve acquired. We’ve really lasted a long time in the blogosphere and I’m pretty proud of that, going on three years and still going strong (thank the Lord.)

 With that, I want to say hi to a couple of blogs that have just been added to the blogroll. First, to Grassroots Idaho GOP welcome aboard. This blog is part of the effort to get real party primaries in place in Idaho and I’m 100% behind them. WhereIsJodi is the blog of Jodi Cowles, who I interviewed tonight for a Truth and Hope Podcast, coming up next week.

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Unglamourous Blog Work

Posted by Adam Graham on July 5, 2007

Blogging will be a little light tonight and tomorrow as I focus on the “unglamorous” side of blogging. (As much glamour as there is in blogging.) I’ll be doing things like sound editing, and making blog roll changes. But, I’m going to try and get some posts up that are future dated.

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And Then I Thought…

Posted by Adam Graham on July 4, 2007

Someone wrote something harsh and defamatory and did something awful and I realized I should respond…And then I thought, no, I shouldn’t respond because the post was a poorly executed lie on a little read corner of Cyberspace, but I should respond to the general principles and their motives…

 But then I thought, wait who cares about their motives, maybe I should do something about general people and my general situation…Then after going to the ballgame I thought, “why do anything at all.” other than a brief post to explain in nebulous and confusing terms why I didn’t do a regular post today. And then I thought, “Now, there’s an idea…”

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Sunday Evening Quick Hits

Posted by Adam Graham on July 1, 2007

  • Belated Congratulations to the Random Yak on his decision to homeschool Yak the Younger. He lives in California where to run a public school apparently requires some sort of a mental illness as Yak explained a year or so back, Education is Job #2. Also, Yak the Younger sounds like a good kid, who wants to be challenged, not dress up in pajamas for school.
  • Kyle at One Red Paper Clip is back to trading. If you recall, he traded up from one red paper clip to a house. This trade is starting in Britain. Will he have his own Dukedom by the time it’s done?
  • Dr. George Grant has details on kids in Nashville standing against porn (and fasting and praying too.)
  • A Chubbuck, Idaho youth pastor was found not guilty of lewd conduct with a minor and sexual battery. The good news is that he still has his job. The only question is where does he go to get his reputation back?
  • Finally, State Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID. 14) reads the riot act to Democrats on their hypocrisy on Idaho’s closed primaries:

I have been amused by Idaho Democrats running around decrying closed primaries when they hold closed caucuses to choose their presidential candidates. Yet, I have not seen a single Idaho Democrat criticize the party’s closed caucus system. Instead, Idaho Democratic Party spokesman Chuck Oxley and others either defend these closed caucuses or claim they are meaningless. As a Republican, I do not have a problem with the Democrats’ closed caucuses because I do not have a right, or desire, to influence their candidate selection process…

Just wait, though: If Idaho Democrats ever become competitive or dominant again, they will be demanding and suing the state for a closed primary like the Democrats did in California in the case of California Democratic Party v. Jones. In that case, the U.S. Supreme Court essentially found that open primaries are unconstitutional. The state of California, through the initiative process, had changed its closed primary system to a blanket primary system that allowed the voters to vote for either Republicans or Democrats in the primaries. The California Democratic Party (yes, the Democrats) sued California’s secretary of state because the party felt that its right of free association was being violated.

The state of California argued that the blanket primary system was valid and offered seven reasons why blanket primaries should be upheld. These reasons are very similar to the ones presented by Oxley and Sen. Stennett in their editorials for opposing closed primaries. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected all seven claims and found that the state of California cannot force “political parties to associate with those who do not share their beliefs.” In short, the U.S. Supreme Court made it clear that voters do not have the right to vote in a primary of a party to which they do not belong.

It is telling that Idaho Democrats, including Oxley and Stennett, want to have the right to influence Republican primary results because they cannot field strong candidates in all state races. A party primary is the process where members of a political party choose their strongest candidate. It should not be used to make up for your own party’s weaknesses.

Well said.

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Waiting on The Hosting Server

Posted by Adam Graham on June 28, 2007

We’ve got everything here on the blog ready to go and upload over to the new Adam’s Blog at the old URL. Andrea has been doing some diligent testing and found an issue on our server. As of 6:57 A.M. they are looking into it. No resolution as of yet. We’ll keep you posted.

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Calling It Good

Posted by Adam Graham on June 28, 2007

A frustrating evening, blogging wise that hit it’s depth when the computer needed to reboot and wouldn’t go past the red screen. Finally, got it booted up, but unfortunately, the blasted thing won’t post my podcast.

Thank God, I was able to fix the computer. Dust on the side panel is what shut it down. Unfortunately, some nights things won’t cooperate. This is one of those nights. At the same time, a problem with an error on my server looms over being able to get the blog transfer done tomorrow. It’s safe to say there won’t be a morning podcast because if I don’t have the previous evening’s podcast posted, there’s really not a point in trying to do aother.

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Sign Off For Now

Posted by Adam Graham on June 25, 2007

As b2evolution is very hard to escape, I’m going to make this my sign off on b2evo and the current This way, Andrea can archive the site and transfer it to which should very easily and smoothly make for a transfer to my own WordPress blog, starting some time Thursday afternoon.

B2evolution despite it’s numerous flaws and holes for spam to creep in has provided a lot of fun over the years. Still, like all good things, this must come to an end.

So for now, adieu, best of luck to those who will continue to have the software.

My blog posts for Tuesday and Wednesday will appear .here and we relaunch on Thursday with WordPress.

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Well Said

Posted by Adam Graham on June 25, 2007

Not Using an RSS Reader? You Ignorant Time-Waster!

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80% of Good Writing In One Post

Posted by Adam Graham on June 16, 2007

Scott Adams of Dilbert Fame begins his blog entry:

I went from being a bad writer to a good writer after taking a one-day course in “business writing.” I couldn’t believe how simple it was. I’ll tell you the main tricks here so you don’t have to waste a day in class.

I’m curious enough to read the post, aren’t you?

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Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen TV Shows That Should Be on DVD

Posted by Adam Graham on June 14, 2007

Thirteen TV Shows That Ought to be on DVD

I’m not a huge fan of most television. In fact, there’s an unenviable amount of trash on there. Still, there have been some great shows. The problem is that you just can’t watch them without Cable and some you can’t even see at all. It seems to me that that there are some great DVD collections that are missing from the market or have extremely limited public domain releases. Here’s my list

1…. Zorro (1990s version):

The perfect Zorro. Duncan Regehr is simply the best. The challenge with Zorro is to portray a rugged and courageous character, with a degree of sophistication from 19th century European education. Regehr’s voice, style, and presence make for a truly memorable performance. The show is bolstered by great music that takes you back to Spanish Colonial Los Angeles and a great supporting cast. You can’t see the New World Zorro (originally a Family Channel production) in the United States, only in Canada and a few European countries. If you’re lucky, you might get hold of one of two VHS movies released in the United States that mark the beginning and end of the series. Come on, give me a break.

2…. Dragnet (1950s version)

Don’t get me a started about Universal’s decision to release Season 1 of the 1960s Dragnet (free of pesky extra features) and then hold the last three great seasons back. The only bright side of that is the ’60s Dragnet can be seen on TV’s “Sleuth Channel.” The truly awful mothballing has occurred with the 1950s Dragnet. The 1950s Dragnet totally revolutionized crime dramas. It’s a piece of TV history. All we’ve been left with are chunks that can be gleaned from the Dollar bin at various Wal-Marts across America. About 30 episodes accidentally lapsed into the public domain. As far as I know, the rest are in some NBC vault along with Bigfoot, Elvis, and the Ark of the Covenant. I mean, come on.

3….Batman (1960s version)

No, I’m not going to say Adam West was the perfect Batman. The ’60s show’s interpretation of the Dark Knight (if you can even call Adam West that) has been the bane of comic fans’ existence. Kevin Conroy of the Animated Series made a far better Batman. Still, as much as some might want to avoid it, Adam West’s Batman is part of our country’s history. Who could forget the Batpoles, Robin (played by Burt Ward) constantly intoning, “Holy this” and “Holy that…,” the Batmobile, and more. Maybe, Jack Nicholson’s joker could kill Caesar Romero’s in a New York minute, but come on let’s get it together. From what I gather the shows are being kept off DVD due to a contractual dispute involving Fox, Warner Brothers, and DC Comics. There’s more than enough money for everyone, guys.

4…Bonanza is available on cheap public domain disks (containing a few episodes) in the United States despite an amazing 14 year run, while in Germany they’ve gotten up to Season 5 already. Any explanation for this?

5…Early Edition:

Kyle Chandler plays Gary Hobson, the man who gets tomorrow’s paper today and uses it to help people. It was a great prime time sci-fi show. The show, like Zorro, is not aired in the United States, but can be watched in Estonia of all places.

6…Beverly Hillbillies:

Another TV classic limited to cheap box sets of public domain episodes.

7…Now and Again:

A great well-written Drama that was canceled after one season. Please put it in a box set for fans to take home.

8…Family Matters:

Yes, they got kind of tired toward the end, but eight years is an incredible run to not only be shorted of a series finale, but not even to have a DVD box set.

9…Kids Say the Darnedst Things

Bill Cosby’s unique charm with kids shined through during his run on CBS in the late ’90s as he provided family fun and look at life through a kid’s eye.

10…Promised Land

A 1990s TV show about a Christian family traveling America, with a lot of patriotism and love of God packed in. There was even a home schooling element, but the show seemed almost apologetic about that. Still, you take what you can get. Now, moving on to three shows I’d like to see more of…

11) Dragnet 1960s (the rest of the Series):

See #2. Come on, Universal, cough ’em up.

12…Touched by An Angel

What’s all this Season 3, Volume 1 stuff? And 2 and now the show’s stuck on Season 4, Volume 1. Come on, CBS/Paramount.

13…Green Acres

This show got stuck in the middle of Season 3, like a little red wagon going up a dirty hill on a March day. In other words, can we please have the rest of the show? Thanks.

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b2evolution’s Days are Numbered

Posted by Adam Graham on June 12, 2007

The Following is a Technical Geek Discussion. For Politics, Religion, etc. Move On To the Next Post

I’m having a crummy day on visitors. Everybody’s complaining about the page load times. Well, to the helpful folks out there who suggest it’s my sidebar, let me say this, “It’s not my sidebar. It’s not my server.” It’s my blog software.

B2evolution is at the root of the problem. After nearly 3 years, I’ve reached a concuslion. The blog software bites. The Spam filters without a Capecha image are as pourous as our Southern Border. My wife and I have deleted thousands of spam trackbacks and I seriously doubt we’ve gotten them all. It may take years to find them. Many times I’ve regretted starting out with b2evo, but have held back on changing because of the hassle involved, but during the past few months working on the John Cox presidential campaign blog, I’ve seen first hand the benefits of Word Press. There are a lot of cool widgets and add-ons that can make a blog better and help search engine positioning. Spam Trackbacks and Comments come but they land in a moderation Queue. What do I have here?

I have a Capecha that’s cut spam down to nothing while also cutting my traffic from Open Trackback Parties down quite a bit. But receiving 1300 Spam Trackbacks a day isn’t really a serious alternative. Of course, if I were to go over to, they’d advise me to install the latest version of b2evo. That would be version 1.10.2, the sixth new version of b2evolution to come out this year! And 2.0 is in Development. I’ll add that it’s a huge hassle everytime I have to reinstall b2evolution, because I also have to reinstall my template and redo my customizations.

I spend 15-25 minutes a night sending Trackbacks to Linkfest Haven blogs using the Haloscan scanner because b2evolution’s trackback sender rarely ever works. If I want to trackback something from Mr. Cox’s Blog over, I copy over the Trackback URLs into the Trackback field and I hit Publish then move onto the next thing.

The preliminary day of doom for b2evolution is hereby set as June 28, 2007.

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Help Out a Louisiana College Student

Posted by Adam Graham on June 10, 2007

Alan was contacted by a Louisiana Graduate student whose doing research on state political blogs. Give the student a helping hand.

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Fascinating Reading Round Up

Posted by Adam Graham on June 5, 2007

I’m having a build up good and interesting that I’ve read but don’t have much to say much about. So, it’s time for a round up:

  • I was uncertain of Scott Ott’s points system for members of Congress, but when it promised to send 93% of Congressmen home that sold me.
  • Despite whatever disagreements, I have with my younger brother, I have to be thankful that our differences don’t come anywhere close to those between Christopher Hitchers and his brother, Peter, who offers a critique of his brother’s book (“God Is Not Great”) (Hat Tip: Dawn Patrol.)
  • A Rhode Island Catholic Bishop compares Rudy Giuliani to Pontious Pilate:
  • Rudy’s preposterous position is compounded by the fact that he professes to be a Catholic. As Catholics, we are called, indeed required, to be pro-life, to cherish and protect human life as a precious gift of God from the moment of conception until the time of natural death.

    God bless Him. Were he an Evangelical, he’d be criticized for not being seeker-friendly. Sad to say.

  • This piece from the News Record in Greensboro, North Carolina showed me that while I was far kinder to Jerry Falwell than the liberals, I may have been a tad too dismissive of him. The author was a Liberty University alumni and records some of Falwell’s spot on wisdom:
  • 4. Tell people about the vision God has put on your heart, because this will motivate you to work toward it. Falwell believed that we should plan specifically, write our “game plan” down on paper, and show it to others. (He derived this from the Old Testament book of Habakkuk, chapter 2). Going public with one’s personal calling is an initial step in beginning to follow through on the mission.

    5. Leaders are ones who exchange all of the little options for the “one big dream.” Falwell had wanted to be an athlete. Then a journalist. He probably could have done either. But when he found the Lord, Christian service became the only option.

    6. Don’t be ashamed to promote your cause and yourself. When Falwell would begin to repeat the ministry’s history, students in chapel services might roll their eyes and sigh, “Oh no. Here we go again. The story of how all this started in the Donald Duck soft drink bottling factory…” But I used to carefully watch Falwell tell his story. He never told it boastfully. He didn’t mind asking you to buy into it, because after all, it was God who was driving it.

    Wow, I ought to put those on my wall, Lord knows I need to remember them. Hat Tip: World Magazine.

  • The winner of this year’s spelling bee? Another home-schooler! 2040: Home-Schoolers rule the world, mark my words.
  • College Graduates are turning to Community and Technical Colleges after not finding a good job with their degree. Apparently, English Degrees don’t bring the big bucks. Yet another good reason for us to have approved Western Idaho College in the Treasure Valley.
  • Half of Southern Bapitst pastors believe in the validity of “private prayer language.” (aka Speaking in Tongues in private prayer.) That’s nice, but there are only three relevant parties on this issue: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Governor Mike Beebe (D-Ar.) may be my new favorite Democrat Governor. Can’t remember the last one but Beebe has cut the grocery tax in half (take some notes, Governor Otter.) and now is speaking some common sense on a slavery apology.
  • “Race relations and the ability of people to get along is based upon deeds more than it is words and we’ll be judged by how we treat one another. That’s how we should be judged.”


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    Give a Blogger Wings

    Posted by Adam Graham on June 4, 2007

    Rick Moran of Rightwing Nuthouse is holding his very last blog fundraiser.

    Rick has been one of those bloggers I’ve admired over the years and I intend to provide a small token of my support. I miss his Carnival of the Clueless, he was simply one of the best.

    This is his last fundraiser in his attempt to see if he can make a living writing. It’s my dream as well. I’m pursuing it while at the same time trying to hold down a day job. Still, I admire the courage. If this ends up being the end soon. Thank you, Rick for everything!

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