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Prayer Request in Canada

Posted by Adam Graham on January 17, 2007

Dawn Eden shares an important prayer request from Canada:

Aid To Women, a crisis pregnancy center in Toronto, has been assisting a mom who is expecting twins next month.

Recently she found out, that one of the babies (a boy) has spina bifida. This is a birth defect in which the spinal cord has not developed properly. According to the doctors, this unborn child’s condition is severe. He is probably paralyzed from the waist down and will need a shunt because of hydrocephaly (water on the brain).

According to the Spina Bifida Association, “Thanks to new medical treatments and technology, most people born with Spina Bifida can expect to live a normal life. People with Spina Bifida have many special challenges because of their birth defect, but their condition does not define who they are. People with Spina Bifida have careers, get married and have children just like people who don’t have Spina Bifida.”

The mother cannot face this challenge and has booked to have a selective abortion of the spina bifida boy on February 2. If she goes through with it, the child will be aborted at 31½ weeks by Caesarean.

Yes, you read correctly. 31½ weeks. Abortion is legal and unrestricted in Canada until birth.

Aid to Women feels that if they can offer this mom a promise that a family will adopt the handicapped boy, she will carry him to term. They put out a call, including a mass e-mail, and have received interest from two families so far.

I received the e-mail and phoned the center to ask if they wanted me to put the request with their phone number (they don’t have a Web site) on my blog. Center director Ann Wilson asked that I not publish their phone number, as they are overwhelmed with interest from the e-mail. However, she did request that I ask readers to pray for the mother. While the mother is Christian and opposes abortion, she is very distressed at the thought of giving birth to a severely handicapped child, and she is thinking that perhaps it would be better for both the boy and her if he were killed before birth.

Please pray for the mother and her unborn child.

Will do, Dawn.


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DJ Drummond

Posted by Adam Graham on January 17, 2007

Say a prayer for Wizbang’s DJ Drummond who is facing cancer and still learning lessons for God never stops dealing with us and teaching us.

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Today’s Blogger Prayer Focus: Don Surber

Posted by Adam Graham on September 11, 2006

Not everyone in the Blogger Prayer Focus will be someone in a crisis, as we all need grace and help for our every day life.

Today’s Blogger Prayer Focus is Don Surber, who in addition to his blog is a long time columnist for the Charleston Daily Mail.

Prayer Focus:

-Wisdom for the Columns he writes and the decision he makes on a daily basis.

-Safety, health, and peace for Don and his family.

If you have a blogger you’d like to be covered in the Blogger prayer focus, e-mail me.

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Today’s Blogger Prayer Focus: Isaac Schrödinger

Posted by Adam Graham on September 9, 2006

Isaac Schrödinger is an ex-Muslim facing deportation to Pakistan. Mr. Schrödinger’s history of reporting on Islam is sure to make him a target for Islamic militants.

Prayer Focus:

-For Mr. Schrödinger’s Safety

-Wisdom for the Canadian Government for the hearing to be held in January.

-Wisdom for Mr. Schrödinger and those helping him on presenting his case to the Canadian government.

Previous Prayer Focus:

Binky Boy

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Blogger Prayer Focus: Binky Boy

Posted by Adam Graham on September 8, 2006

Today’s Blogger Prayer focus is Binky Boy, a blogger on 43rd State Blues, an Idaho Liberal Blog.

Prayer focus:


-Healing in Every Area of Life

If you have a suggested blogger to pray for, e-mail me

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New Feature: The Blogger Prayer Focus

Posted by Adam Graham on September 8, 2006

There are many people in the blogosphere who need prayer, for whatever purpose, it’s hard to keep track of them all. But what about praying for just one blogger a day.

That’s the thought behind my newest feature. The blogger prayer focus. In this feature, we’ll list one blogger per day, be they friend or foe (as Christ said to pray for our enemies and those who despitefully use us.) We’ll pray for those who are sick or who have family needs or financial situation. We’ll pray for just ordinary stuff.

Note: We won’t pray for a Conservative to become a liberal or vice versa, though we will pray for salvation and changes in heart and mind in terms of anger and bitterness, and healing.

If you’ve got a need (or know a blogger) who needs prayer, e-mail me.

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