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Young Conservative Intellect

Posted by Adam Graham on June 25, 2007

David Keene made a keen observation recently:

Mr. Keene said the problem in finding young leadership is that “the so-called conservative movement of today consists of many young people attracted to politics by one or another politician but without a lot of thought about the philosophical underpinnings that united previous generations of conservatives.”

A couple people have now tied this to reading and a thorough knowledge of coservative philosophers such as Friedman or Hayek. While, I would agree with Keene on the problem, I don’t know if the answer is dusting off the old, old classics. Somehow, I’ve managed to form astrong conservative worldview including fiscal, social, and national defense from studying those who read them. I do have Russell Kirk’s “The Conservative Mind” on my mental list of books to read some day.

The point is that consistent worldviews need to be established as many folks on both sides tend to move on pure sentimentality rather than reasoned thought.


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The Day of the Court

Posted by Adam Graham on June 25, 2007

Truth and Hope Report Show Notes

The Supreme Court is reaffirming things we should already kow. For example, freedom of speech means you can run TV ads that mention a candidate for office as part of a grassroots lobbying campaign

The court ruled that contrary to what the Freedom From Religion Foundation thinks, being a group of anti-Christian cumudgeons doesn’t give them standing to sue over the faith based iniatative.

The high court also declared Bong Hits for Jesus isn’t about freedom of speech or religion, but rather a teenage kid behaving badly.

Meanwhile, a lawyer that tried to take a Korean launderer to the cleaners over what became known as the pants suit got his justice deserts from a DC district court. Hat Tip: Wizbang Blog.

Of course the Constitution is still very fragile (as evidenced by the fact that the intepretatio of basic rights is up for grabs in federal court. One example, a Florida law which has police arresting the Gideons for distributing Bibles on a public sidewalk.

The bill that wouldn’t die (aka. The Amnesty Bill) is coming back to the Senate despite widespread public opposition. Liberal columnist Bonnie Erbe is predicting defeat for the bill. I say, “Let’s put the nail in the coffin.”

Finally, we take a look at how abortion hurts the Democrats and why Republicans would be fools to nomination Giuliani according to a recent New York Times piece. (hat tip: Jill Stanek)

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And Good Riddance To Him…

Posted by Adam Graham on June 19, 2007

Michael Bloomberg has left the GOP. No big loss because Bloomberg ran for the GOP nomination as an opportunist since he was sure about winning as a Democrat in 2001. Big government guy all the way. He will not be missed.

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Albania Outpaces the USA

Posted by Adam Graham on June 18, 2007

Albania now has a 10% flat tax while the US holds on to it’s special interest boondoggles. I guess they learned the lessons of the communist era better than we.

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Our Allies, the Pakistanis

Posted by Adam Graham on June 18, 2007

Pakistan endorses suicide bombings to retaliate for the knighthood of Salmon Rushdie. Paging moderate Islam…paging Moderate Islam.

Hat Tip: Captain’s Quarters

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What Che T-Shirt?

Posted by Adam Graham on June 17, 2007

Binky Boy is unbelievably taking issue with Bryan Fischer for suggesting Che Guevera is a hero of liberals.

Binky writes in the comments:

Someone prove to me that Che Guevara is a huge influence on ANY democratic organization. I doubt it, I strongly doubt that his thinking was all that revolutionary or critical to today’s issues.

First of all, Bryan didn’t say anything about Democrats, he said something about liberals and there’s abundant influence. Che is the mascot of campus liberals as illustrated by the picture in this story. He was also a murderer and you can run from those facts, but you can’t hid.

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God Bless the RSC

Posted by Adam Graham on June 12, 2007

The Republican Study Committee is fighting Democratic Pork with a slew of Amendments to the pork-laden (is there any other kind of bill in this congress?) Homeland Security Bill. Amendments include:

32) Prohibit FEMA funding for dance classes. (up to 4 times)

33) Prohibit FEMA funding for puppet shows. (up to 4 times)

34) Prohibit FEMA funding for bingo games. (up to 4 times)

35) Prohibit FEMA funding for yoga classes. (up to 4 times)

36) Prohibit FEMA funding for art classes. (up to 4 times)

37) Prohibit FEMA funding for theater workshops. (up to 4 times)

38) Prohibit DHS funding for the office of Multimedia

39) Prohibit DHS funding for purchasing Louis Vuitton handbags

40) Prohibit DHS funding to pay parking tickets

41) Prohibit DHS funding to purchase jewelry

42) Prohibit DHS funding to pay bail bonds

43) Prohibit DHS funding to send more than 50 employees to conferences outside the U.S.

44) Prohibit DHS funding to pay for adult entertainment

Yes, folks there are sane poeple in Washington.

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For With What Judgment Ye Judge…The Congressional Version

Posted by Adam Graham on June 12, 2007

Majorityap points out a mixed message from CT. Congressman Chris Murphy (D-CT.) who used a lame excuse for missing a vote on a key lobbying bill:

Murphy later told the New Britain Herald that he missed the vote because he “got caught up in conversation off the floor,” even though he told the Hartford Courant “he did not remember where he was.” Murphy told both papers that missing the vote was merely an “oversight.”

Last year of Former Congresswoman Nancy Johnson missing a vote on an Amendment, Murphy declared:

Murphy blasted then-U.S. Representative Nancy Johnson in March 2006 for missing a vote on a Democrat amendment to increase federal spending on port security. Like Murphy’s June 8 excuse to the Hartford Courant, Johnson’s office said at the time she was off the floor during the vote. That explanation wasn’t good enough for Murphy, then a Connecticut state Senator.

“It is simply inexcusable for her to fail to cast a vote either way on this vitally important issue,” Murphy told the New Haven Register. “(Johnson’s) vote matters to the people of this district.”

A clear case of glass houses and a good reason why one has to be careful criticizing members of Congress for missing votes if you’re running against one. Certain votes are going to be missed. Most of us miss a day of work every now and again and nearly everybody ends up late. Congressmen are critical. Most of us don’t have a one strike and you’re out policy at work, so one has to look at more than missing vote to whether a person’s record is marked absenteeism.

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Further Proof We Need Members of the Senate Who Understand the Constitution

Posted by Adam Graham on June 11, 2007

Julie Fanselow writes that the Senate’s 53-38 vote on Cloture (7 shy of what was needed.) to bring up a vote of no confidence in Alberto Gonzales shows why we need more Democrats in Congress.

Actually that this utterly absurd measure got 53 votes shows why we need more constitutionalist in the Senate.

If we don’t like the performance of cabinet secretaries or other officials, the Constitution gives Congress the option of Impeachment. If Democrats really want Gonzalez gone, let them introduce articles of impeachment in the House, vote them out, and send them to the Senate. Why don’t they do this?

Because the case would be scoffed at by any serious Constitutional scholar worth their salt. So we decide to forget about the Constitution and borrow a process from the Europeans. Hey, if the French and Spanish Constitutions are good enough basis for US Law decision, why not the actions of their legislature? It’s entirely unconstitutional.

We have a careful system of checks and balances. If Congressional Democrats think Alberto Gonzalez should be removed, impeach him. If they can’t impeach him, they should shut their yaps and do their jobs.

Imagine passing a no confidence vote and Gonzalez staying in. Congress will have just decided to slam our top law enforcement in the kneecaps for partisan political gain. If you want to punish him, remove him, but don’t try and incapacitate our nation’s Attorney General.

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I Can Live With That…

Posted by Adam Graham on June 7, 2007

Everyone is upset about Trent Lott’s statement on the Senate floor, but I actually liked one part of his statement:

“We’re going to do this d—d thing, and if we don’t, I think we should dissolve the Congress and just go home.”

Pass a continuing resolution for the next two years and that works for me.

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The Hate for the Boy Scouts

Posted by Adam Graham on June 4, 2007

Pam Spaulding’s post celebrating an adverse decision against the boy scouts tells you everything you need to know about the cultural left. How is it that we’ve come to the point as a society that the Boy Scouts are politically incorrect. 20 years ago, it would have been absurd.

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Never Try to Please a Liberal

Posted by Adam Graham on May 29, 2007

Consider this a free tip to the Dems. If Dennis Kucinich can’t do it, nobody can. The liberal blogosphere is in a huff because he accepted an invitation to a debate sponsored by the Black Caucus and Fox News. Mike Gravel and Joe Biden will also be there. Pam Spaulding opines:

Sorry Dennis, you just lost a ton of respect from me on this one. After Edwards, Obama and Clinton withdrew from the September Fox News debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, the long-shot 2008 presidential candidate has picked face time over principle.

Well, given that Pam has dedicated most of her blog to attacking GOP Candidates and Democratic Candidates she doesn’t like, I doubt Kucinich will miss it. Same thing goes for Gravel. Both candidates have been strongly pro-homosexual rights (Pam’s blog is a big lesbian blog) and have gone nowhere in the polls and gotten short shrift from the left blogosphere.

I also have to ask what principle Kucinich is compromising on it. Is it the great American principle, “Our opponents shouldn’t be allowed to have media outlets?” “Only left wing TV stations should host Democratic debates?” Are these great principles? Kucinich is fighting for ideas and you go where your opponents or the middle of America is and make your pursuasive arguments, you don’t whine, pull up the draw bridge, and only talk among your own.

Kucinich may be a bit nutty, but I have to give him props for ignoring left wing blogosphere komisars and going to the people.

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Respect for the Dead-Not So Much

Posted by Adam Graham on May 17, 2007

Many liberals continue to show an amazing lack of respect for the family of Jerry Falwell with vitriolic attacks like these:

The gates of hell swing open and Satan welcomes his beloved son,” a prominent left-wing blogger opined on her website at the news of the death Tuesday of the Rev. Jerry Falwell.

“Guess god [sic] liked the ACLU better after all,” wrote Amanda Marcotte on her blog, in reference to the American Civil Liberties Union, a target of controversial comments Falwell made after the 9/11 terrorist attacks…

Some online critics such as Daily Kos, the largest of the liberal blogs, turned to parody.

It carried a spoof by the “Afterlife News Service” that said “the late Jerry Falwell said today from the afterlife that ‘pagans, abortionists, gays, feminists, lesbians, the ACLU, People for the American Way, Al Gore, Daily Kos and other immoral, liberal groups and individuals bear full responsibility for the heart attack that claimed my earthly life.'”

Of course, it should be note that many more reasonable liberals have been respectful at Falwell’s passing, including Jesse Jackson, and others who knew Falwell in the Green Room.

Yet, there’s a class of bloggers without class and they have big megaphones by virtue of big readerships. Quiet respect for the dead is unheard of, as the war is never ceasing for even the most human moments.

It is this type of vitriol that is slowly tugging at the Democratic Party and if unchecked will tear our nation apart.

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Blumenauer: Curses, Karl Rove, You Foiled Us Again

Posted by Adam Graham on May 17, 2007

For our money-driven politics, some will blame special interests for trying to influence policy, others will blame government for enlarging it’s size and scope as well as the complexity of government to make attempts to influence the government a matter of survival. Others, we learned today, blame Karl Rove. In announcing that he would not run for US Senate to join such giants as Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, and of course Daniel Akaka and Maria Cantwell, Congressman Earl Blumenauer declared:

The winning candidate should devote 100 percent effort for the next 18 months to overcome the onslaught that will come from the incumbent, Karl Rove and the Bush White House, and the many special interests who want to keep Smith in office.

Karl Rove=the Democrat Bogeyman. Yes, running for US Senate is a full time job, but it had become that way long before Rove came along. Karl Rove gets thrown in on any sentence. What are they going to do in 2009 when Karl Rove says adios?

Hat Tip: Red State Rebels

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When Super Soakers Are Outlawed…

Posted by Adam Graham on May 9, 2007

From Tennessee, some sillyness from Democrats:

Won’t the Tennessee State University be a safer place now that toy guns are banned? Next on the list–extending your index finger forward while holding your thumb up.

On yesterday’s radio program, we interviewed State Rep. Stacey Campfield regarding a change to TSU’s campus laws that appeared before a government committee in Nashville. Campfield said that the vote to ban toy guns passed on a party line vote. According to Campfield, Republicans voted against banning toy guns…Democrats voted for.

The problem according to one of the sponsors is as follows:

But TSU Campus Police Chief Sylvia Russell said toys can be mistaken for the real thing.

“Officers, unfortunately, when they come to an incident, they are responding in an emergency situation. They can’t tell if it’s a toy or not so they are going to treat that person like they have a very real weapon and that could result in injury or death,” she said.

Think about this for just a moment. Who exactly is going to be at risk with a fake gun. Probably someone who’s acting in a threatening manner, like someone who decides they want to take everyone hostage with the toy gun, but it’s just a toy gun. And they think the law will stop someone who is risking prison time, etc. for holding people hostage or intimidation will make them not do it because of some University policy.

The policy would be a little more reasonable if we were talking only about “realistic-looking guns” but any police officer who drops a skinny college kid carrying a super green and orange super soaker has some serious ‘splainin to do.

Hat Tip: Instapundit.

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