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The Journey of Music

Posted by Adam Graham on November 26, 2005

The Journey of Music

Music takes you on a journey
Without taking a single step,
But be warned,
Dear traveler, for the journey
Isn’t always pleasant,
Satan is a music master,
But God is the author of the art,
Be careful what you allow into your heart.

“Thank God I’m a Country Boy”

Travel with John Denver,
Up the mountains, down into the valleys,
See the beauty of creation
In the West, those quiet places
Where rarely a soul is seen,
The eagle is your neighbor,
As you sit under nature’s sky,
You, God, and the mountains.
Bathe in the glory of it all,
Leave behind city life,
And let that part of you that longs
For quiet, that longs for peace
Find it in the beauty of a song,
In the endless continuity of
A CD Player looping,
Keeping the dream alive,
And the beauty everlasting.

“Cop Killer”

Hear the sounds of hate
And violence,
Feel the cold steel of a Saturday night special
Up against your throat,
Hear the open sewer that flows
Through the words of the song,
The hateful sound of despair,
Echoing through the night air,
See in the distance the widow grieving,
And the gangster thug believing,
The world is his for the taking,
With a gun and some hate.
Hear the footsteps approaching,
Look in horror as the punk
Finds that there’s always someone with a bigger gun,
Watch the blood trickle dow his face,
And he’s laid an unmarked grave,
Too young to die,
Too stupid to live,
As vultures devour his substance
And he becomes but a bad memory,
A nightmare that won’t go away.

“Little Did She Know She Kissed a Hero”

Come with me and walk the path
That heroes walked,
Sit in that cell with the indomitable Jeremiah Denton,
Dive with the Green Berets as they fight for America,
See old Glory fly through the air at Fort McHenry,
Full of bullet holes yet standing firm,
Look at those who gave all that we might be free,
Then step on board Flight 93,
And remember those who perished on that awful September day,
Let the tears fall fresh for you can never forget.
Go back and see the martyrs killed for the Faith,
See the horrific beauty of Christ on Calvary two thousand years ago,
As he paid the price for our sins,
Then when the music stops, know that you must journey forth
To help your fellow man
For love your neighbor
Is the call to us all.

“The Man Comes Around”

Take a round trip from Heaven to Hell and back again,
The Man in Black will be your guide,
He’ll lead you through tawdry taverns,
Tales of murder and mayhem,
To fine Churches and Cathedrals,
The family dinner table,
And loving kindness to friends and strangers,
See the working man struggle,
See him succeed and fail,
See the love for the downtrodden,
See a loving Saviour,
And brawling hatred,
Lose yourself in Johnny’s lostness,
But watch him find his way home
Every time, no matter how much
Darkness engulfed him,
He always found his way back to the light.
Take one more journey to the end of time,
See Armageddon unfold,
Be haunted by the questions
He asks, let it chill you to the bone,
“Will you disappear into the potter’s ground?”

These are the journeys of music,
It can take you anywhere or nowhere at all,
It can heal you or rip you apart,
Its a dangerous journey,
So be careful as you travel.


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