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Vanity of Vanities

Posted by Adam Graham on March 8, 2007

LaShawn Barber on Senator Sam Brownback (R-Ks.) and his “meaningless apology resolution” to Native Americans. Has it ever occurred to any of the people who want to write, “We’re so sorry” resolutions that fixing existing problems now, may be a tad more important than apologizing for the past?


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Because Some Speech is More Free Than Others…

Posted by Adam Graham on September 23, 2006

Calif. library can bar worship, court says

Judge Richard Paez wrote that that county’s decision was permissible because the U.S. constitution did not guarantee that all forms of protected speech can be heard on government property.

“We conclude that the Antioch Library meeting room is a limited public forum and that enforcement of the county’s policy to exclude religious worship services from the meeting room is reasonable in light of the forum’s purpose.”

As the room is “open to the public” and the purpose is for “the public” to be able to use it, than it would seem to me that we’re dealing with viewpoint discrimination as Judge Paez basically admits at the end of his ruling:

The ruling said that the religious group could hold secular activities at the library.

Oh how generous! The court’s ruling means this: “Religious speech is inferior and inappropriate in an open public forum because of it’s religious nature.” Talk about turning the 1st Amendment on its head.

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Farewell to St. George

Posted by Adam Graham on July 13, 2006

Red State has news of political correctness run amuck in the Church of England.

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A Yak’s Got To Do…

Posted by Adam Graham on June 8, 2006

Those of you who read Random Yak to find out when National Belly Button Lint Day is got to read something far more serious and I think those who don’t read the Yak (and you ought to) found a far more serious entry. The Yak’s son goes to an insane asylum a public school in California. Over the years, the Yak has had to put up with a lot including the infamous read and relax days where students came to school in pajamas and hung out rather than doing something as reactionary as learning.

However, the school has gone a step too far. Yak’s son was quietly singing a Christian song to himself on the playground and was told to stop lest he offend someone. Yak reports

Uncertain how to respond to the Yard Duty’s comments and afraid of an office referral for continuing misconduct, Yak the Younger immediately stopped singing. He came home confused and more than a little disturbed.

When I returned from work he immediately told me the story and asked whether singing about Jesus was really against school policy. In his words: “I thought I had freedom of religion. I thought that was in the Bill of Rights somewhere – like the First Amendment or something.”

Now, as this is the end of the school year, there was a temptation to just let it go as Yak’s getting his son into a better school next year, but other factors weighed in:

But on the other hand, Yak the Younger came home believing that taking Jesus to school with him was a sin. That making a joyful noise unto the LORD wasn’t appropriate schoolyard behavior. That loving God in public was inappropriate, insensitive and subject to discipline.

In essence, that he’s perfectly free to have his misguided beliefs about Jesus and God – as long as he keeps them to himself and off the schoolyard.

Would the Yard Duty have pulled the head scarf off one of the Muslim girls who regularly wear them to school? Would she strip a Jewish child of her Star of David, on the grounds that someone might see it and take offense? I very much doubt it.

Just as I doubt that her statements truly reflect school policy. The school sent home a statement of policy earlier in the year. I read it, and somehow missed the part about “destruction of all vestiges of religion” and “stifling a child’s right to believe as he pleases, and to express himself in a positive way on the playground.” The school has no express policy on student evangelism that I was able to see, let alone private expressions of faith. He wasn’t speaking to anyone, just singing happily to himself. No one complained, and only the Yard Duty paid any attention.

Or so she thought.

But she’s got my attention now, and end-of-term or no end-of-term, something has to be done.

My son will not be asked to leave Jesus at the schoolyard gate. Bad enough that he walks the intellectual wasteland of the California Public School System. He will not walk it alone.

God bless him. We need to stand up when this type of absurdity is done and I think Yak’s absolutely doing the right thing. Save this story for the next time the left says Christians are being absurd when they suggest anyone wants to take religious liberty away.

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Islam on the March in Britain

Posted by Adam Graham on January 17, 2006

From The Scotsman we have the story of Muslims wanting a Catholic School to start teaching Islam. (Hat Tip: Starboard).

The Campaign for Muslim Schools said 90 per cent of pupils at St Albert’s Primary, in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow, are Muslim, yet children are having to take part in Catholic rituals like saying the Lord’s Prayer and attending mass.

Osama Saeed, co-ordinator of the alliance of Glasgow’s main mosques and Muslim organisations, said he could see no reason why the main faith of the school should not change.

He said: “Clearly the parents of that area find a faith school, even if it is of another denomination, preferable to a secular one. But surely it should be possible for them to have one that is relevant to their own faith.

It is possible, Mr. Saeed. Its called “Starting your own school.” If 90% of the pupils are Muslim, you should have plenty to start up a school. What this is about is an attempt to obliterate Christianity.

If a Muslim School had 90% Christian students would Mr. Saeed see “no reason” while the school shouldn’t start teaching Christianity. I somehow doubt it and would challenge him to find any Islamic school or cultural center which is taken such a tact.

Indeed, in most Muslim Countries finding out that 90% of a school’s students is Christian is a reason to do things such as burning the village down, dragging parents before the secret police, or beheading. Tolerance is very much a one way street with Islam. They get it but they don’t give it in any situation.

With 1 in 4 of Britain’s sizeable Islamic population sympathizing and no effort being made withing the Islamic community to root out terrorism, isn’t time for a show of good will from the Islamic Community?

Also at Random Yak

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Stop the ACLU Blog Burst: Saying the Name of Jesus

Posted by Adam Graham on January 12, 2006

From Jay at Stop the ACLU

It is happening all across the nation. The ACLU sue city counsil after city counsil over praying in Jesus name. They don’t sue to stop all prayer, but in every case the target has been Christian prayer. They even fought for the right of a Wiccan to pray at a counsil meeting. Many times it doesn’t even take a lawsuit. They just type up a threatening letter and that does the trick. This was the case in Fredericksburg. But one man isn’t taking things lying down.

Fredericksburg City Councilman Hashmel Turner has filed suit against his fellow council members, saying the council’s newly adopted prayer policy violates his constitutional rights.

Turner is being represented by the Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit group that advocates for free expression issues.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Richmond, asks the court to rule that the city’s prayer policy is unconstitutional, and to order that Turner be allowed back into the council’s prayer rotation.

The council voted 5-1 in November to adopt a policy of offering non-denominational prayers devoid of any Christian or other specific religious references.

Turner abstained from that vote, and Councilman Matt Kelly voted against the policy.

The vote came after Turner had been excluded from the council prayer rotation for more than a year. The council got a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union in July 2004 saying that the civil liberties group would file suit if Turner continued to invoke the name of Jesus Christ in his prayers.

Turner, who is pastor at First Baptist Church of Love in Fredericksburg, had always closed his prayers before council meetings by invoking the name of Jesus Christ before the ACLU complaint.

On the same night of the November vote for the nondenominational prayer policy, Turner asked to be put back into the prayer rotation, and to give the opening prayer before the Nov. 22 council meeting.

Mayor Tom Tomzak said today he asked Councilwoman Debby Girvan to give the prayer at that meeting instead of Turner, because, “I did not want to unleash a 1,000-pound gorilla-the ACLU-on the City Council.”

However, Tomzak said he does believe Turner’s rights are being violated, and the suit filed today is “a lawsuit that I probably agree with.”

“He’s a very passionate man, a man of faith and a man of principle, and he believes his rights have been violated,” Tomzak said of Turner.

Neither City Council members nor City Attorney Kathleen Dooley had seen copies of the lawsuit earlier today.

The suit calls the new prayer policy “an unlawful attempt by the City Council to prescribe the content of prayers given at City Council meetings by Turner and other members of City Council.”

John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, said Turner approached his organization last fall, saying he believed his rights were being violated. “All he wants is to say Jesus Christ at the end of the prayer,” Whitehead said. “He’s not asking for any money. … It’s a very simple suit.”

One would think that it would be simple, yet the ACLU don’t seem to get that. Religious expression in America is under attack. It is a shame that an organization that claims to protect our rights are the number one censor of Christian religious expression. If they were trying to get rid of all prayer at counsel meetings, we would have a different argument, but they are targeting Christian prayers and individual expression. It is good to see this man is standing up for his rights. More people should do so.

Currently there is legislation, introduced by Representative Hostettler that could put a stop to these ridiculous lawsuits. Hostettler’s proposal would amend the Civil Rights Attorney’s Fees Act of 1976, 42 U.S.C. Section 1988, to prohibit prevailing parties from being awarded attorney’s fee in religious establishment cases, but not in other civil rights filings. This would prevent local governments from having to use taxpayer funds to pay the ACLU or similar organization when a case is lost, and also would protect elected officials from having to pay fees from their own pockets.


This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay at or Gribbit at You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 115 blogs already on-board.

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Political Correctness Run Amuck Over the Skies of Britain

Posted by Adam Graham on January 10, 2006

From Worldnetdaily, we’ve got an airline going far too far in efforts to please Fundamentalist Muslisms in Saudi Arabia:

A British airline banned its staff from taking Bibles and wearing crucifixes or St. Christopher medals on flights to Saudi Arabia to avoid offending the country’s Muslims.

British Midland International also has told female flight attendants they must walk two paces behind male colleagues and cover themselves from head to foot in a headscarf and robe known as an abaya, the Mirror newspaper of London reported.

So women to work for British Midland International, you have to travel back in time 800 years. What utter nonsense. The idea that people should be suppressed like that is outrageous. You’re basically forcing them to live like they’re fundamentalist Muslims.

I will not be flying British Midland International airlines for whatever that’s worth. The one thing I would take from this story is that as outrageous as this requirement is on British Christians working for BMI, this should give us sympathy to Christians in Saudi Arabia who live under these restrictions 24/7 while also facing the threat of death.

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The Late Great, Hal Lindsey Show on TBN

Posted by Adam Graham on January 3, 2006

From Worldnetdaily, we’ve got news that Hal Lindsey is leaving TBN because they’re wanting him to stop speaking out against Islam.

It seems to be a case of political correctness run amuck. Lets take a closer look. John Casoria at TBN had a familiar sounding statement on Islam:

On the other hand, Casoria told WND he believes the extremists are not Muslims at all but have “hijacked the religion.”

Does that sound familiar at all? It should. Consider the following quote from September 20, 2001:

The terrorists are traitors to their own faith, trying, in effect, to hijack Islam itself.

Or this one from October 28, 2003.

The quote comes from President Bush. He uses it a lot. On Google, there are more than 167 hits of Hijacked religion and So, are we being hypnotized by Karl Rove. Its almost enough to make me quit bathing, go to the next Camp Casey, and write a conspiratorial post. However, I just tend to think that the General Counsel for TBN is and I mean this in the nicest possible way, a sheep.

So, moving on, we get TBN’s rationale for pulling out of the program:

“TBN is a worldwide ministry; we have an entire channel that airs 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Arabic,” he said. “We are trying to reach the Islamic world and open a dialogue with them regarding Christ and Christianity.”

Yes, that makes sense-

Lindsey argued, however, his program is not shown in the Middle East.

Or maybe not. It seems that TBN has gone soft and become PC with a PC Gospel. The goal of the network is to be utterly non-offensive to anyone. (After all Muslims have credit cards and can give love gifts, too.) So, this is the new Gospel of TBN, but its not the Gospel of Christianity.

Michael Card said it best in a song a few years back:

He will be the truth that will offend them one and all
A stone that makes men stumble
And a rock that makes them fall
Many will be broken so that He can make them whole
And many will be crushed and lose their own soul

TBN couldn’t even cite a specific example where Lindsey stepped over the line. Lets be clear. Not all Muslims are bad people, not even the majority. But, you have to wonder who Hijacked the religion? Consider the vast majority of Muslim Countries persecute Christians (Jordan is the only one that I’m aware of that doesn’t). It has advanced by the sword. We’re told the people who blew up the Twin Towers aren’t the true face of Islam, we’re told the people who beheaded the school girls in Indonesia aren’t the true face of Islam, the Suicide Bombers aren’t the true face of Islam, the car burning terrorists in France aren’t the true fadce of Islam. Who is it? Maybe, its the people who are trying to live in peace who’ve actually hijacked the religion.

TBN could talk about the Persecuted Church in the Muslim world. I confess to wasting many hours on that network and never once hearing the Persecuted Church. It could mention the needs of Christians suffering overseas. They might need food, clothing, and Bibles even more than Paul Crouch needs another Sattelite beaming Binny Hinn across the globe, so he can part a few Africans of their hard earned money. But, the persecuted Church might offend someone, as true Christianity always does.

Linked at Third World County

Cross-posted at Conservatown

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Don’t Let Them Steal Your Christmas

Posted by Adam Graham on December 4, 2005

The last couple of years I’ve written columns about the importance of keeping Christ in Christmas. This year, such a call would seem superfluous.

One has to be thankful for the heretofore successful battle against political correctness. Christian organizations have made it clear to retailers that a term that was meant to make non-Christians feel comfortable (“Happy Holidays”) in fact makes many Christians distinctly uncomfortable. “Happy Holidays” was born of retailers dedication to the bottom line, and will die the same way.

There are many people awakening, even outside of Christian circles, now that somebody’s making a little noise. To some, it never occurred that’d it was offensive to Christians until this year. That’s why House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) went ahead and renamed the Capitol “Holiday Tree” back to the “Capitol Christmas Tree.” In the end, the forces of PCism don’t have too many allies in the mainstream liberal leadership. Sure, they’ve got the ACLU and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State and a few far leftists in the old media, but that’s about it.

What’s against them is the whole of American Culture. This time of year, we see the despicable Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch who both hate Christmas. Each year a dozen movies are made where someone saves Christmas. You have recurring specials featuring Charlie Brown, Garfield, and Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer, which while all aren’t explicitly religious, still feature the name of Christmas. The “Holidays” just doesn’t have the punch, and doesn’t mean anything to anyone. The truth is that most of the people who go about saying, “Happy Holidays” go home, put their presents under a Christmas tree, open Christmas presents, and then go have Christmas dinner. They’re just trying to carefully hide the fact that they celebrate Christmas.

It all amounts to nothing more than a silly charade that doesn’t really respect our differences, it just papers over them. If we were really about celebrating our differences, Jewish people would wish Christians a Merry Christmas and we would respond by wishing them a Happy Hanukah.

Indeed, this war over Christmas is ours to lose. However, we may just do that. The greatest danger we face is letting the war dominate our Christmas. For some, the bitter campaign has become all they think about and their focus, rather than the wonder of Christ’s birth. The ACLU has spent years trying to ruin the Christmases of people in small towns across this country. I certainly won’t let them ruin mine.

This is a time for acts of mercy and charity. It’s a time of love and cheer. In our attempts to fight for Christmas, it is possible to risk losing focus on what makes it worth fighting for. I thought it was such a brilliant idea by Kevin McCullough to send Christmas Cards to the ACLU. It’s a protest in the spirit of Christmas. Let us remember that Christ came to our fallen planet not because we deserved it, but because of God’s love for us.

The last thing we want to do is give a bad name to Christmas. There have been scattered reports this year of people berating store clerks for saying, “Happy Holidays.” Such antics are counterproductive. The clerk is simply doing their job. They’re saying what their employers tell them to say or what they’ve learned in politically correct schools. The last thing we need is for people who say Merry Christmas to develop a reputation as cantankerous cranks. Save your ire for corporate management, not the help.

The “War on Christmas” will be won as much (if not more so) by generosity of spirit, kindness, forbearance, patience, and mercy than by boycotts. So, the key to victory is keeping Christmas as it should be kept and if we keep our focus on that, success is assured.

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Land Of Ozz
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Bright and Early


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Not Guilty!

Posted by Adam Graham on November 29, 2005

From Sweden, there’s great news. The pastor of a Swedish Pentecostal Church(didn’t know there was such a thing) was found not guilty of hate crimes for preaching against homosexuality.

I’ve blogged about this before as a sign of the left’s ultimate agenda. I’m not going to hide the fact the pastor was found not-guilty. I’m glad it happened, but my stance on what it represents in terms of the liberal agenda remains unchanged.

Lets remember they fought this all the way to the Swedish Supreme Court. They wanted to send this guy to jail. They got him convicted in the lower court. They simply over-reached in this case, which was the first since they added homosexuality to the hate crimes law. The next generation of pastors may not be so lucky as more PCness comes to dominate Sweden.

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Cherokee People, Cherokee Faith

Posted by Adam Graham on September 25, 2005

From Worldnetdaily we’ve got the story of a Ten Commandments monument the ACLU can’t do anything about:

If you are nostalgic for the days when the Ten Commandments were posted in public buildings, you might want to consider visiting the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians.

The tribal council is making plans to mount a copy of the Ten Commandments in the council house where government meetings are held, and possibly display them throughout other public buildings in the Cherokee Nation of western North Carolina…

There is no First Amendment issue involved, and even if the American Civil Liberties Union wanted to make one, it can’t. The U.S. Constitution does not apply to Cherokee, nor to any other Native American tribe for that matter, according to Cherokee’s Attorney General David Nash.

“We are a sovereign nation and we can pretty much post anything we want in our council chambers,” said Kephart. “For once the federal government is not going to tell us what to do. We can feel good about it because we are standing up for God. The more it becomes controversial, the more we need to stand firm.”

The 1/32nd of me that’s Cherokee is very proud of the actions of the Tribal Council and the best part is that all the liberals and the ACLU can do zilch about it!

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Firing Squad of the Future

Posted by Adam Graham on December 15, 2002

The Senate Majority Leader stood in the oval office.

Senator Susan Johnson had dark shadows under her eye. The President looked at her with pity in his eyes. Thirty years of public service had to come to an end. After sixteen years in the house and fourteen in the Senate, she had disqualified herself from political leadership.

“You’ve got to go,” said the president.

“I made a few mistakes when I was younger,” she said. “And I was just trying to be nice at Senator Bergin’s retirement.”

The president snapped.

“Nice!” said the president angrily. “I don’t call what you did nice. I call it suicidal! You said that Senator Bergin won your state’s primary and that you were proud of it. You said that America would have been better off with Senator Bergin!”

“He’s a great man,” she said.

“That doesn’t matter,” said the president. “When this guy was a Democrat, he voted for Clinton for crying out loud! Worst yet, when he was running for President, his primary issue was getting Roe v. Wade reinstated.”

“Look,” she said. “He’s sorry about all that, and since then he’s been a great Senator with knowledge on a number of issues.”

The president shook his head.

“We both know it doesn’t matter,” said the president. “All that matters is the media and they refuse to forgive him, no matter how much he repents, nor how much he gives to crisis pregnancy centers. They still won’t forgive him for one simple reason. He’s a Republican.”

“But, I was just paying him a compliment,” said Senator Johnson.

“If it were just that,” said the president, “it could be forgiven. But Time just uncovered the fact that when you were in college, you were an organizer for a NOW rally.”

“I was young,” pleaded the senator. “I was raised up in New York. It was what I was taught. I’ve been good since then.”

“No,” said the president. “I’m sorry that’s not enough for the media. There’s no room to understand you or forgive any of your past transgressions. You see in order to be successful in politics, you must have perfect moral insight at all times and instantly rid yourself of any beliefs that may sometime in the future become politically damaging.”

“But Democrats get away with this all the time,” said the senator.

“Yes, but they have the media on their side so the rules don’t apply to them,” said the president.

With that the senator left to write her resignation speech.

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How the Lott Falls

Posted by Adam Graham on December 15, 2002

I’ve never been a big fan of Trent Lott. Indeed, the one word that comes to my mind when I think of the Mississippi Senator’s four and a half years as Majority Leader is “squandered”. Simply put Lott wasted dozens of opportunities and was easily outmanuvered by Slick Willy. Despite my serious and severe problems with Senator Lott, I have to stand up when he is being attacked unfairly as a racist for suggesting that America would be better off if Strom Thurmond had won the 1948 presidential election.

There are a couple of key facts, everyone seems to miss. First, how would America have been different had Thurmond won in 1948 instead of Truman? What great Civil Rights laws were passed during the Truman administration that Strom Thurmond would have prevented? Logically, if Thurmond had won the 1948 presidential election, he would have done most things little different from what Harry Truman had done. American Blacks would be no worse off if Truman’d lost the 1948 election. Period. End of story.

What Lott was talking about was the character of Strom Thurmond and the type of person he was. He wasn’t talking about a desire for the reversal of the progress of Civil Rights (which wasn’t made in the Truman Administration). Here’s a good question for open-minded liberals. Was Thurmond a virulent racist or simply fighting for a principle of States rights? Remember it was this man who was the first employer of Armstrong Williams, the black syndicated talk show host.

Second, Time Magazine has run a nice little hit piece on Lott for his role as a Southern leader of a college fraternity who opposed integration of his fraternity. This attack on Senator Lott is quite interesting as the media is being doubly hypocritical.

First, Lott was little more than a boy who was adhering to cultural norms during the Civil Rights debate. Two democrats, Senators Ernest “Fritz” Hollings (D-SC) and Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) were men. The former raised the Confederate flag over the South Carolina statehouse in defiance of integration while the latter was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Where’s the outrage over these far more egregious transgressions?

The media has also told us that it doesn’t matter what our political leaders did in college or while they were young. If Al Gore smoked pot for ten years. Who cares? (non-story). If Bill Clinton dodged the draft, boys will be boys. The only exception to that rule is if you’re a Republican.

George Bush was rumored to have used Cocaine. And now Trent Lott held politically incorrect views while in college. These sins are different because they were committed by Republicans.

As I look at the Democratic Party, I see a party that has no moral standing to make it’s attacks on the leader of the United States Senate. Trent Lott (who was six years old at the time) may have voted for Strom Thurmond, but each and every Senate Democrat who was serving in 1999 voted to acquit someone that the distinguished Senator Byrd admitted was guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors”. They voted for a man who betrayed America’s natural security in order to win a second term. They voted for a man who history will repudiate as one of America’s worst Presidents.

While we don’t know what Strom Thurmond would have done as President, we do know what Bill Clinton did and for that reason every Democrat in the Senate should resign in utter shame.

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