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Donations Policy

I was reading over at Pro Blogger about donations and one thing he said struck me:

Yep – many blogs out there have a tip jar where your readers can encourage you to keep writing through a donation –

This wasn’t the point of the story, but it got me thinking. Some people MAY want to encourage me to keep blogging and writing. But there’s no donation button on the blog.

The reason for that is that I honestly don’t view what I do here as something you give donations for. Give Donations to the Salvation Army. Give donations to good political leaders, but giving donations to bloggers?

It just doesn’t seem right to ask for money for any of that. Still, if you do want to encourage writing with a little cash, then I’d suggest buying a copy of my book:

The Screwtape Reports Now, if the regular book price is a little more than you’d care to donate, you can also buy it as a download. I get the same commission regardless. This would be encouraging above and beyond the money because it’d increase my sales rankings on and (for those who purchase the actual copy) it also gets my book into more hands, even if its given as a Christmas present or donated to the local library.

So, in short, I don’t do donations, but I’d be more than happy to sell you a product that you can use.


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