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Is This Your First Time at Adam’s Blog?

Inspired by a couple restaurants I’ve been to recently, I decided to make this post for those readers who haven’t visited before. This will be an explanation of what the blog’s all about, who the bloggers are, and what our general goals are.

Our Mission Statement

To acknowledge the Lordship of Christ in our lives in all we do, and in particular, by being respectful to commenters and other bloggers. To become one of the Internet’s most influential blogs. To be known as a blog that states forth honest opinions rather than echoing a party line.

To be a trustworthy blog by practicing fairness and accuracy, and quickly correcting any mistakes that occur. To be part of our nation’s solution and not part of its problems. To be a forum for the authors to showcase their literary works and to always remember that there’s more to life than politics.

The Blog Philosophy:

Politically, I’m Conservative with a libertarian bent on some issues. The Tenth Amendment is a very important document at Adam’s Blog. Learn it, love it, vote it.

My vision for this blog is for it to be a powerful voice. We come at a lot of issues from a different perspective here. For example, most people treat the election of the President like they’re going to bet on a horse. Here, we believe ideas need to be discussed and debated, not just whose the best pony at the betting window.

I also hope to be a force for cultural reform. As Conservative Christians, we have plenty of criticisms of our popular culture, but we also realize that the church has its problems and we’ll point out when unbiblical things are going on.

I’m also active in Idaho politics. I write letters to the Editor in the Idaho Statesman and also am periodically involved in projects led by Brandi Swindell or Bryan Fischer.

I’ve come to believe that success in the blogosphere can not come in isolation. You have to help promote the work of others. That’s why you’ll see open trackback fests here every Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday-Sunday.

I’m a poet at heart and I’m a participant in every Carnival of Poetry, so there’ll be poetry on this site at least twice a month. I also love satire which is why I wrote the Screwtape Reports, and satire can show up any day of the week. See here and here for examples of some of my better satire. Other essential writings can be accessed on the sidebar under “the best of me”

I also do a nightly podcast Sunday-Thursday which can be heard here though I always cross-post it.

My goal is to eventually be able to be a professional writer/blogger. While some may view that as a lower goal for blogging than pure personal expression, there’s no reason not to make a living doing something you enjoy.

The Bloggers

Adam grew up in the American West. As a child, he traveled widely before settling down in Montana. He was homeschooled and finished High School at 15, then completed a paralegal course at 17.

The job market for young paralegals in Northwest Montana was thin, so he worked fast food. He returned to college in 2000 and graduated in 2002 with honors with an Associate of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Journalism. More information is available on Adam’s educational career here.The Screwtape Reports

In 1998, Adam was a Candidate for Lincoln County (Montana) Treasurer. In 2000, he served as State Coordinator of the Alan Keyes presidential campaign. From 2000-2002 and from 2002-03 he was a Precinct Committeeman for the Flathead County Republican Party and was elected County Secretary in 2003. In 2004, Adam was a candidate for the State House from the West Boise/Garden City area. For more information on his political career, read here.

Graham is the author of the Screwtape Report from Lulu Press.

Adam is a former Senior Baseball columnist for His work appears on Renew America, American Daily, The Conservative Voice, Conservatown, and Red State.

About Andrea Graham


Andrea grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where her family has firm roots going back at least four generations. In 1999, she was admitted to the prestigious Ashland University where she studied creative writing and religion.

In 2000, she met me and after much prayer, she left college after her Junior year and we were married in 2002. To read the story (long) of how we met and married, click here.

Andrea runs King Kilts that specializes in making custom made kilts at affordable prices. She also maintains a website with a complete archive of her great short stories and poetry. Andrea also has a few novels in progress.

Andrea also has a Christian Advice blog here.

Andrea puts her college training in religion and creative writing to good use in her blog posts. She has some fascinating articles on the Bible and its application to everyday life.

She also has story blogged, with a short story column that used to appear here on Fridays.

If you like the look and sound of our blog, we invite you to come back anytime. We’re now offering a free e-mail subscription service where you can read about new posts on the blog and be able to comment on anything that’s of interest to you. You can also subscribe to us through your feed reeder with the following Feed URL:


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